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WinXP - password on shared drives

By jdclyde ·
First, we do not have a domain controller, no AD.

I have WindowsXPsp2 stations.

We have a shared directory for people to drop files on each others computers.

Some in accounting need a separate directory that is secure, and in win98 we could just put a password to access the directory. In WinXP, when you go into sharing, it seems like an all-or-nothing deal.

Do I need to mess with that dratted mmc? Is there a way to secure SOME while leaving the others open?

I couldn't even find how to set permissions by user and group for directories! grrrr. Wish I could get back to my servers instead of the PCs!

Links to documentation would be wonderful, as I am not afraid to read, and something like that I would surely be printing and bookmarking. I have just been striking out trying to find it.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WinXP - password on share ...

No just go the the computers with the restricted files and right click on the individual Folders and then share and then tick the box that requires a password to access. Even if the entire Drive is Shared this should prevent those files from being looked at.


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by jdclyde In reply to

well, not really. Wasn't much help, but it is the thought that counts! = )

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by w2ktechman In reply to WinXP - password on share ...

With NTFS it is not all or nothing. With Win 98 it is
On the main folder for the share, it can be shared out as (Share permissions)
remove everyone, add Authenticated Users -- give Full Control.
Now, you need to set the security, NTFS uses the most restrictive permissions, they should be add by group if possible, or individual accounts.
Each folder/file can have permissions changes. so you can restrict permissions to only those who need them on some folders, while allowing everyone to view/edit others.
On the folders that need to be protected, you can

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by jdclyde In reply to

helped get me on the right track. thanks.

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by jdclyde In reply to WinXP - password on share ...


I bet I know why I am having troubles!

I am going to bet when my co-worker setup these systems she did Fat32!

Oh, I think I am so screwed...... Will go and check just how screwed I am.

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by Sue T In reply to WinXP - password on share ...

If the drives are fat32 you can convert them without any problem to NTFS. You just can not convert them from NTFS to fat32. For directions on how to do this open Help & Support and do a search for convert to ntfs.
Have a happy day.

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by jdclyde In reply to

good to know, as I am sure we have some fat32's out there.


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by jdclyde In reply to WinXP - password on share ...

Ok, I checked and the system is NTFS. So why am I not seeing the screen that allows read/write/execute and so on?

I know I have seen it before! GRRRRR. It is not there when you right click on the directory. I know this has to be something basic that I am missing?

WHERE are the controls?

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by Blackcurrant In reply to WinXP - password on share ...


Open My Computer, click Tools>Folder Options, click the View tab and scroll down to the bottom of the section marked Advanced Settings. The last entry is 'Use simple file sharing' - uncheck it and reboot, then retry the suggestions above.

Good luck

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by jdclyde In reply to

That was exactly what I was missing. GRRRRR!

Why would they turn this off by default in XP PRO? Someone go slap Gates for me, will you?

Thanks for the help.

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