WinXP + 2 NICs -> 1 Cisco VPN + 1 Internet -> Need Help

By fuzibuni ·

I've got a WinXP Pro machine with 2 NICs. I'm trying to run a Cisco VPN connection while maintaining a Web connection. This is the only way I have to work inside a network while having access to support.

I've tried hunting online for this and I've concluded that no one seems to have the answer, so I've decided to try here.

I've got two connections to the Internet over two NICs. I want one to bear the connection for the Cisco VPN and the other the Web traffic.

I've been fiddling with the routes in the routing table and I can get the VPN connection to work all the way to the remote desktop connection, but I can never get the Web connection to work.

Does anyone know enough about configuring routes to help me create the routes I need to have Web access?


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