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    Winxp Printer &Bios&Dell 8100


    by pikikoko ·

    computer is Dell 8100,os=winxp pro, Bios has been upgraded. There is no place to enable PNP OS in Bios. Problem is Printers are not working. Two different printers installed with Drivers on OS install Disk. Printer Cables have been changed. This computer upgraded from Win98. Printers worked at one time. Neither Printers worked when connected seperately. Bios stumps me with no place to select PNP OS installed. Device Manager indicate printers are working properly. When Printers installed the “found new hardware” is not popping up. Test Pages will not print. No Error Messages. Printer is powered on. Connection is thru LPT1. I wonder if Motherboard is compatible with PNP OS, since there are no PNP settings in bios. Have tried two seperate printers connected seperately and neither worked. I don’t know if OS reinstall would correct or if MotherBoard is shot. What has been your experience. What Dos commands can I try to test printer hardware and software. Help 🙂


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      by jennifer.gardner ·

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      Go back into BIOS and set the parallel port to be ECP. I had this exact scenario with HP printers in Dell, and this was the solution.

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      by thechas ·

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      Microsoft no longer recommends setting the BIOS for a plug and play OS.
      Windows XP fully takes control of resource allocations for ALL connected devices on it’s own.

      As stated in answer 1, the critical BIOS setting for parallel port printers is the port mode.
      You should check the printer manual, but for most printers, ECP / EPP mode is the correct mode to use.

      Make sure that the printers are supported under XP. Many printers are either not supported, or have only basic print functions under XP.


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      by pikikoko ·

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