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WinXP Pro and Sun Solaris 10, can they co exsist together?

By mclwlg ·
I am debating about installing Sun Solaris 10 onto my Desktop over Windows XP Pro SP2, (Dual-Booting)but am a little hesitant as I don't know much about it and what affect, if any, it would have on my current OS. The hardware can handle the installation of both although I would install more memory.
Also, what are the Pro's & Con's with Solaris 10 in this type of enviroment and is as susceptable to malware & virus etc etc as is Windows XP?
If that is not enough, the best type of install to use (apparently there are 2) to install this OS.

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yes they can

by Jaqui In reply to WinXP Pro and Sun Solaris ...

1) no effect on windows, other than less drive space available to windows [ the space used by solaris ]

2) no problems, unless you create a document in solaris and forget to copy it to the windows partition, it would only be available to the solaris installation then.
[ Microsoft doesn't play nice about reading other filesystems ]

3) malware? what's that? [ for the solaris install ] oh, you mean the weakness of microsoft crap, that doesn't affect any other os.

4) install type? workstation for using as a workstation, server for use as server. you can install everything, it would only take about 8 gigs of drive space, but you wouldn't use 95% of what's installed. It wouldn't hurt to install everything, then if you don't like a specific application you can remove it.

5) windows requires more memory than solaris.
the only reason to install more memory would be to work with solaris as a virtual machine, in which case, yup, windows needs the memory to handle the workload.

the pro of installing a dual boot, you have the opportunity to learn a unix os.
the cons, you'll still use windows by default, and rarely use the other os to learn it.

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Solaris Coexistance

by shakeeiil In reply to WinXP Pro and Sun Solaris ...

Yes they can coexist but i would not recommend you to do that because it would introduce alot of more complication to your computer.

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