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WinXP pro installation problems

By shantie ·
Motherboard Asus P4S133,Cell 2gig. 40gig Maxtor. This computer was running win98se. Had problem where computer would just shut down and restart. (installed new PSU) owner wanted to upgrade, so I installed win2000pro, had a couple of little problems while installing saying could not copy file, so I just clicked ignore. finished install and computer worked okay. But owner then decided did not like win2000 and wanted XP pro. Tried to install xp but keeps saying cannot copy files and will not go any further. I have tried a different CD rom drive, a different hard drive, another WinXp Pro disc and a different stick of SD ram. Still the same. I can install Win98se no problems.
I have noticed at boot up a message saying Bios Data update incorrect CPUID. In bios cpu detection is set to auto.
Winxp installation message says Setupdd.sys, page fault in nonpaged area. then numer (can not remember how many zeros but like this 00000F29
I have tried formatting many times and fdisk MBR.
Just been on the windows site and think this has something to do with memory, either the SD ram or virtual memory. Any ideas thank you

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by In reply to WinXP pro installation pr ...

You've done a great job trying to solve this.

I think there is a motherboard problem here. Strange behavior on Win98SE (would just shut down and restart), Win2000Pro (some copy fails), and Win XP Pro. Since you already swapped out other components, it points to the motherboard.

I would have suggested to check IDE ribbon cables, but it looks like memory to me also. Since you changed the memory, it suggests motherboard, chipset, bus problems.

You might try slowing down the bus and see if it improves, but I would replace the motherboard.

Did this help?

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by shantie In reply to

I agree fault with motherboard, I took the hard drive out and installed XP pro using another computer then hooked it back to the old computer and it is working okay. Has something to do with virtual memory and paging file, which I will have to find out more about. Working okay now, but think the motherboard will still need replacing in the near future. I posted another question regarding network access rights regarding this computer Thanks for the reply

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by shantie In reply to WinXP pro installation pr ...

Thanks for the quick reply, Yes I agree with motherboard problems, just wanted a few more suggestions before replacing.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to WinXP pro installation pr ...

is the bios latest greatest?

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by shantie In reply to

Not to sure about your answer, I did mention Bios data update incorrect error message, but this is a fairly new motherboard Installed XP pro using another computer and hard drive working okay now back in the old one. Thanks for the reply

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by pierrejamme In reply to WinXP pro installation pr ...

I was thinking BIOS (latest version 1007 is 8-28-2002) and or chipset. Your board has SIS 645 chipset. When you go to the Motherboard's home page: and click on the chipset, I get "Page not found". Not a good sign. Have you run Microsoft's XP Upgrade Advisor tool?
Might answer some questions.

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by shantie In reply to

Motheroard is P4S133 2002, not to sure about the Bios, but did mention bios update incorrect. Installed XP pro on this hard drive using another computer, it is working okay back in the old system now.

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by willcomp In reply to WinXP pro installation pr ...

Well, you've already gotten some good advice.

I agree that symptoms you describe usually point toward RAM as the problem.

However, there is another possibility besides the motherboard. I suggest you swap video adapters and see what happens. Faulty video memory could be the culprit.


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by shantie In reply to

Good suggestion re video card, thought maybe that would work but afraid not, same thing. But thanks for the reply

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by ians In reply to WinXP pro installation pr ...

To help you sort out some problems (it's quite general) you may d/l Knoppix CD and boot from it. Knoppix is a bootable CD OS that runs completely from CDROM and you can see diagnostic screen during boot sequence. When it'll stuck - it'll probably be a root of your problem. Also try to move HDD on another IDE port (like on secondary). I reanimated (!!!:) several dead motherboards when primary IDE got buggy.

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