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WinXP Pro loses DNS settings on reboot (manually configured IP).

By abovepc ·
Alright I have looked high and low for this one and I cant find anything as to why its happening.Ok here it is, I manually configure my workstation (pc) with a static IP mask gateway and the DNS is set to (using router). - All work perfectly fine except when I have to reboot. After a cold boot the DNS settings on are blanked out but all the other settings are fine. I can ping locally obviously nothing DNS. I think but cant be sure that this started with SP3 upgrade.. can anyone HELP, its just getting annoying.

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WinXP Pro loses DNS settings

I also have this problem. It doesn't matter how I try to configure the thing to DNS, it always goes back to proxy server settings and my ISP hates that.
Each time before connecting, I have to go to control panel, connection settings and deselect proxy and reset it back to DNS. And you can bet before you connect again, its back to proxy settings, even without doing a reset. Whether I use a script or not, this inherent bug in TCP/IP won't go away.
Microsoft haven't given me a definitive answer to the problem as yet. And I can only assume why no one address this problem when ever I see it in any forum, is because no one knows the answer.
Or do they?


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doubt anyone knows..

by abovepc In reply to WinXP Pro loses DNS setti ...

Well as you can see I posted this awhile back and still I have no answer. Im guessing its not that annoying to anyone else they just reconfigure it and move on. Ive been living with this for 6-8 months, I just figures one night to ask around.

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Manually configure the DNS?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to WinXP Pro loses DNS setti ...

Instead of letting the router set iyt.

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did you read the post?

by abovepc In reply to Manually configure the DN ...

If you read the post, you will see that I "MANUALLY" configure the IP. (Static Address) therefor I am not letting the router do it for me. Even with the static address MANUALLY configured which includes the DNS settings when I reboot the DNS settings come up BLANK after a cold reboot. So all I have to do it go into the network properties and readd the DNS settings and it works. Problem is.... It should stay configured (statically) on reboot. PS: I has some type of virus that was removed the problem occured a little ofter that, the virus dealt with the changing of my DNS settings.

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