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WinXP Pro + D-Link Rounter + DSL Modem: Please Help!!!!!

By Midnight Momma ·
Hi Everyone, Can you please help me  A friend of mine asked me to help him with his business network. He has a total of 3 computers on the network( D-Link router), the main computer, the left and the right computer. The internet is also hooked up through ATT DSL. The only computer that can access the internet is the main computer. About 4 years ago he used a password to block the left and right computers from accessing the internet. He forgot that password.

My Dilemma: He wants to replace the right computer (Win9 with a newer computer (XP Pro). I had an awful time trying to network the new right computer and I never got it going. Somehow, in the meantime, the internet went down. I called ATT and had them help me, though I had tried already what they wanted me to do again. I ended up putting the older computer back on the network and everything works fine.

What could I being doing wrong that the newer computer isn?t finding the present network? What could I have done that would of made the internet mess up even though I can?t access the internet from the right computer? If I didn?t tell you everything you need to know, please ask me and I?ll try my best to tell you.

Thanks in advance!

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If the XP Pro machine is connected directly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WinXP Pro + D-Link Rounte ...

To the router absolutely nothing. It should have no effect on the rest of the network no matter what you do. Though to be fair if you've been messing with the main system and done something to that anything is possible.

As for what you could be doing to prevent the new machine accessing the network I'm taking it that you are running a Peer to Peer workgroup here did you make sure that if the main system isn't running XP that you made a floppy Disc to install the XP networking protocols onto it?

Are you using the same workgroup name as the old computer had?

When you run the Network Setup Wizard on the XP Box are you enabling File & Printer Sharing and telling that computer that it connects to the Internet through another Computer on the Network or a Residential Gateway?

Now for the $64,000.00 Question what was done previously to prevent the other computers access to the Internet? Until you know how that was achieved you'll be unable to work out a solution to the problem and if there is no way of remembering the password it may be necessary to backup the main system wipe and reload so you can get things to work properly.

There is nothing harder than walking into a place cold and attempting to upgrade an existing LAN while not knowing what's been done to get the LAN to the position that's in currently.


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Lets sort the confusions

by jlouis45 In reply to WinXP Pro + D-Link Rounte ...

1. What version of OS is on the main computer (Main Computer = server, your left and right are clients)
2. Is the server all set to use the router, DSL internet and everything working fine.
3. Have the clients (left and right) fixed with an operating system. May it be win98 / winxp.
4. If you have forgotten the password it doesnot matter. In this case you can wipe out the old operating system while reinstalling the new system you need to ensure the computer name is different from the old name.
5. Once step 4 is complete you have two systems (clients) ready to be connected to the main server. Now are you using this only for internet purpose or for file sharing etc as in a normal network ?
6. How are these 3 computers connected to each other. Is it through a switch / hub ?
7. If yes then you would have your router connected to the switch / hub instead of the main computer. IF no then i assume it is connected to the main server.
8.Can you provide the model of dlink router that you have.
Please answer these we can go forward in fixing this issue.

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Answers to "Lets sort the confusions"

by Midnight Momma In reply to Lets sort the confusions

I just got off the phone with my friend and now he is saying that he would like to switch to a wireless network. I told him that may be a good idea since I don't know how the old network was set up and starting over would probably be the best solution. I told him to go and buy a Cisco System Linksys Wireless G and a Belkin wireless card for the computer upstairs. He actually has 4 computers on the network, the 4th runs upstairs to his apartment. He says that the internet runs really slow and I told him that because the ethernet cable is running out the window up to the 2nd floor window, that the weather could surely be messing with the internet. The ethernet cable isn't meant to withstand very cold weather. Anyway, the right client computer will go from Win98 to XP Pro (switching towers, not installing XP on the older tower). When we make the switch, all the computers will be WinXP. Am I right for thinking starting from scratch would be a good thing? The only computer that would be wireless would be the computer upstairs. I would still attach the main computer and the left and the right clients directly to the wireless router. Tell me what you think of this? Thank you soooooo much!

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what is the ISP providing?

by CG IT In reply to Answers to "Lets sort the ...

first off what type of internet connection? is it cable or DSL ? is it always on or require a user name and password to connect? Did they provide a modem or router? Is it static addressing or dynamic?

after that, setting up a network is pretty easy.

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ISP Info

by Midnight Momma In reply to what is the ISP providing ...

Hi! It is a DSL connection through ATT using a 2Wire DSL modem. Yes, it is always on. As far as static or dynamic, I'm not sure. Does this help any?

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from the modem

by CG IT In reply to ISP Info

to the Wired or Wireless Router [you mentioned a Linksys WR54G or something like that, you connect a straight through ethernet cable to the WAN port on the router [see router documentation for diagram].

once you do that, your router should obtain an IP address from your ISP [if your address is dynamically assigned. If not, 1 of 2 things, 1. you might have to clone the mac address from the old router to the new router to get it to work. 2. the internet connection is a static address in which case you'll have to configure the WAN port.

Note: DHCP is on by default on most consumer level Cable/DSL routers. So, computers connecting to the 4 port switch should have their TCP/IP properties to obtain and address automatically [same with DNS].

BUT before you do all that, log in to the old router and obtain the WAN port IP address, subnet mask default gateway and DNS information along with the router's MAC address. Just in case you might need this information later on.

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Will I have a problem?

by Midnight Momma In reply to from the modem

Hi CG IT! Thank you for your help. I do have a question, as I mentioned in my very first post, the main computer was the only one that connected to the internet. The left and right client computers did not. Today he told me that the one he has upstairs is also on the internet. He put in a password that he forgot years ago to make the left and right computers not be able to access the internet. Am I going to have trouble since we will be upgrading the right computer from Win98 to WinXP Pro? We are switching towers, not installing XP. Does this have anything to do with networking all these computers together? Thank you and please forgive my ignorance:) I'm computer savy but still learning.

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always on DSL

by CG IT In reply to Will I have a problem?

doesn't require a password.

If you have something different well that's another matter entirely.

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