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Winxp pro SP1 disconnects fresh re-install

By diandiorio ·
I had a corrupt config.sys in winxpro and did a fresh reinstall and changed from fat32 to nfts. When I try to re-install SP1 and back up files about halfway through I was getting error messages with suspension of the download, I would retry and eventualy the computer would re-boot. During this process it indicated that their was a work around in the winxp knowledge base, but when I searched their I could not find any reference. I started this download from the windows update site. Any suggestions? Should I be downloading SP1a instead of SP1? I have a disc for SP1 and SP2 for MS Office, when should I install that? I have a AMD 1400 althion with 512 Ram, 2 hdd boot is 9G WD and the other is 160 GB partionned into 2 80 GB.

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by TheChas In reply to Winxp pro SP1 disconnects ...

I would use Microsoft's download page and download SP1. (you will get SP1a)
That way, you can run the installer without having any download related errors.

The primary difference between SP1 and SP1a is that SP1 includes a now obsolete version of Microsoft JAVA virtual Machine.

As to your Office service packs, you "may" need to install them after installing Office.
You can check the SP level of Office by clicking on Help, About.


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by an_it_guy In reply to Winxp pro SP1 disconnects ...

If you can download the SP1 from the net, i would suggest you go to this MS-link and download the ServicePack file using some downloader like Getright or Mizilla etc. This way, you wil be able to get a full copy of it, and then u can install.
Link :

Recenlty I had faced a problem installing the SP on an XP pro pc. I found out later that it needs the 'Cryptographic service' to be running on ur pc for it to not fail installation. check it.
See if this helps.

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by Albert Franco II In reply to Winxp pro SP1 disconnects ...

I don't recommend applying any major service pack from the internet. Any intermitent network problem can cause the instalation to fail, leaving the machine in an bad state. Then U have to start all over again

Do a clean XP install, including only the most necessary drivers (graphics card, etc.) Don't add scanners, printers or apps yet. Apply the SP from a CD. It should work without problems if you haven't tried to reinstall absolutely every driver and program before upgrading. If the upgrade fails it is very important to find out the exact point of failure in order to determine the correct solution. Windows can fail to complete an upgrade for a vast number of reasons, from hardware, to drivers, to apps.

You should pay very close attention to which files are being extracted and copied if the update fails during this process. Don't forget to use a clean CD for the update--a couple of greasy fingerprints can screw it all up.

Only AFTER you have sucessfully installed XP and SP1, and key security updates (the rollup and few others) should you try to reinstall apps like Office and its updates. If the machine doesn't behave well with just these a few things, it sure as heck isn't going to behave well with more!

Installing Windows is not as easy as some would have you believe. We do up to 100 installs per month on all kinds of machines and even though we are quite experienced the ocasional machine manages to baffle us for a while. The key is to go slow and pay attention to what you and the computer are doing. Those error messages contain codes and phrases that actually mean things--you just have work a little bit to find out their meanings.

Above all simplicity is the key. Do ONE thing at a time and test it before going on. This is really the key to figuring out what's wrong when problems crop up.

If the problem persists please add comments giving precise details of the point of failure and any messages which pop up before or after rebooting.

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