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    WinXP Pro SP2 Sound Recorder missing


    by lemery ·


    I am trying to lower the volume on Windows Program Events sounds. (ie, windows shutdown, startup, beeps, warnings etc.)

    As I have nice speakers and adjust them for music playback, on the music settings most sound events are too loud.

    Doesn’t seem to be a separate volume control for “Windows sounds”, when I adjust Wave playback levels it affects both Windows sounds and music etc.

    Only solution I have read is to use Sound Recorder, make a copy Media folder, load up each of the events into Sound Recorder and use the Decrease Volume in Effects menu. Repeat as needed til desired volume, save file, et voila!

    Problem is… my WinXP Pro SP2 OEM has no Sound Recorder in accessories. Nor can I find it in “Add new Windows Components” anywhere. Nor does it show up as Install option on my retail boxed Upgrade version.

    So any tips on how I get Sound Recorder onto this puppy?


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      by lemery ·

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      by nowwhatduh ·

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      Hi. If it’s not here: C:\WINDOWS\system32\sndrec32.exe then search your files and folders for “snd” and look for it. I was serching for the same answer and came upon your post. Ended up with my greeky brother telling me how to find it. 😉

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