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winxp professional

By pvrdata ·
make my system run faster

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to winxp professional

Make my system run slower. :)

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more memory

by NickNielsen In reply to winxp professional

make your system run faster

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make pc run faster

by jpainter@safegardgroup. In reply to winxp professional

Add memmory , check av to see if it is running a scan while on pc. If it is reschedule scan time. Remove any unesscary programs. Download a spyware removal program and see if you have anything. There are things you can do you werent that specific.

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BOOT that PC in the ___!

by the_webninja In reply to make pc run faster

I think what this person is really asking is they want to Speed up the Boot Process, they want to make the stuff work faster.

There were Several really good Articles done on Tech Republic a while back, that really worked good. I'm not sure if they are still in the Archives or not, but one was a way of editing the Configsys files to stream line the Boot Process. I used that and it worked really good. Then I lost the instructions on how to do it.
And since then I had to Re-Format the Harddrive and re-install everything so I am back to the Slow speed now.

What I did before was I used RUN> I forgot what it was I typed in there to edit the Startup, I must have done it a thousand times, but today not enough Coffee I guess. Anyway you can Edit the Services in the Start up Menu if someone can tell you how to do that without screwing up your System.
This relates to exactly what you are using your Computer for. Although more and more many Software Programs think they are suppose to automatically be loaded upon boot, and then they want to have Remote Access to everything in your Computer. So if you disable Remote Access for example it might screw up AOL's ability to Fix your Computer for example.
So you have to know which Services to Disable and which to leave running.

The Start up is a little easier to work with. Just click whatever you don't use. If you are not Sure about what it is, then Don't disable it. Don't uncheck any boxes you are not sure about.

Defrag your Hard Drive.
This can often cause the System to Run Slower.
If you know how, Double Check your Cmos Configurations, sometime the Default Values in your Cmos are not right. For example if you upgraded your Video Card to 256mb your Cmos might still read 64mb. If you change that Value it might work better.

Also there is a place in the Systems folder where you can adjust the Virtual Memory.
It always says " Do this if you are having Problems with your Mouse" I always run it a little lower than the Max, this frees everything up and makes it work better.

Also for Pentium 4 people there is a place in the Cmos where you can enable or disable Hyperthreading. That is going to make a big Difference in Performance if your Cmos is Set to Disabled. You want to be running it Enabled if you have a Chip that Supports Hyper Threading Technology.

Next the Registry is the biggest thing that can bog down a Boot.
Many times I have gone through the Registry MANUALLY, (It took about three days)
But that was the only way I could Really Clean it out good.
Once I was done it really made a difference in the Boot Speed. Because every program your Computer comes in Contact with Loads crap into the Registry, and the Computer goes through all of this when it Boots. The more Crap you have in your Registry the longer it will take to Boot.

Now there is another thing to mention which is redirecting the Memory Writing in the PC.
Usually the Computer Automatically Writes to Virtual Memory which is on the Hard Drive, but if you have 1 GB or more Memory, sometimes you can Redirect the Memory to write straight to Ram, and it will make your Computer Scream!
That combined with a little overclocking (Not too much or you will crash your System)
And you should have a Pretty decent working Machine.
Yes the More Memory you have the Better, but there actually is a Point where more actually Drags down the Response time. You need to have as much as you can afford. I am running 2.5 GB on my Machine. But I do a lot of heavy stuff.

I don't have all the answers of HOW to do all this Stuff, but Tech Republic did and article on how to do all of this Stuff. But I can point you in the right Direction I guess. The Rest is up to you. You have to have a Seeking Mind, and want to read about it. Then you can find out all the information you need.

I Hope this helps a little anyway.

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by NickNielsen In reply to BOOT that PC in the ___!

Allows you to enable and disable Windows services and specify what runs during startup (automatic) and as needed (manual) or not at all (disabled). A complete list of services and the recommended setting for each is available from

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by w2ktechman In reply to winxp professional

make my old PC run faster!

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