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WinXP running MS Virtual Machine...

By cpuken ·
I need to know if I'm running WinNT via a Virtual Machine whose host OS is WinXP, is still vunerable . With future patches for WinNT becoming harder (more expensive) to secure... the idea is to setup a WinXP machine then run these WinNT only applications in a Virtual Machine environment. My question is, will keeping the host XP machine up to date with its patches provide secure environment or does running NT, even in a VM environment, still expose all those flaws and still require patching.

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by aquias2000 In reply to WinXP running MS Virtual ...

Good question,

I cannot find anything to fully support my statement so take it with a grain of salt. Each installation and operating system run via VMware is not the actual operating system. It runs on the primary operating systems process tree, therefore, if you have no security holes in the primary operating system, the virtual ones shouldn't be at any risk.

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by aquias2000 In reply to

Oh, see grain of salt...that's what I get for adding my two cents without the paperwork to back me up!

My appologies!

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by TechKid In reply to WinXP running MS Virtual ...

You are at risk and must patch all OSes installed on the host machine.

Each VM is considered a fully functional, seperate entity and when not patched could result in compromise

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by sgt_shultz In reply to WinXP running MS Virtual ...

my two cents is to remind you of XP application compatibilty mode (right-click your apps executable on an XP box, pick the os you wish to run). to make sure you don't have to go thru all that?

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by VinnyD In reply to WinXP running MS Virtual ...

If your running Microsoft Virtual PC to make the virtual machine all you need to do is not allow the virtual pc to access the local network/internet.

That will not expose the virtual PC to anything harmful.

Then the only way the virtual PC can be infected is if the virus/worm etc can decode the virtual PC hard disk file and install itself.

However you may still want to patch/service pack the virtual PC to the latest stuff just to make sure the software runs properly.

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It sounds logical, but...

by jose.noriega In reply to WinXP running MS Virtual ...

...if I'm thinking on running something similar: let's say, a Windows XP Pro + SP2 virtual machine (VM) via MS Virtual PC running over Windows Vista Home Premium updated, protected with antivirus, antimalware and antispam to the teeth and I think that XP may need SP upgrade, don't I have to connect the VM to the internet to get it? Or is possible to get it downloaded to other system, burnt to CD and have the VM install from it?

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