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WinXP SP2 and ICS

By karma1 ·

I've recently ecountered an issue with my PC and home network. The details are as follows;

Host PC:
Windows XP Pro SP2
Intel P4 2.4Ghz, 512M
NIC 1 - connects to DSL modem (obtains IP auomatically)
NIC 2 - connects to Dlink (192.168.101)
*When cnnected as the ICS gateway NIC 2 becomes

Client PC:
Windows XP SP2
Intel P3 500Mhz, 512M
480G Storage
NIC 1 - connects to Dlink (

Router / Hub:
DLink DI-604 (rev. C)

I connect to the Net via Bell Sympatico High Speed DSL. The modem has a built in router, to bypass this I have XP treat it as a Dial Up device.
After many hours of playing with the Network Setup wizard I managed to get the client system on the Net for about 5 mins. It updated windows and could no longer access the Net after rebooting. The Dlink is acting as a hub, I've turned off DHCP and set it's internal IP to Just to stop it from interfering with the ICS gateway. I set the DSL connection to shared (It shows as it's own connection). The host computer obviosly has no issues with the Net, but the client can't do anything. I've gone through the Network troubleshooter, but to no avail.
I've played with the configuration in so many ways it's not funny. The only way I had it work was by setting the Sympatico Dial-Up connection to share with the workgroup. Then NIC 2 became the gateway for the Net connection. I have no clue how that managed to work, even for the 5 mins it did. It shouldn't have worked at all. NIC 2 is in no way connected to the Sympatico connection. NIC 1 is, but when I tried to make THAT the gateway ICS wouldn't work.
I'm about to kick both computers out of sheer frustration, so if anyone has any ideas.. help me please!!


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by aknell In reply to WinXP SP2 and ICS

I have a similar set-up What i would do, would be to simply use the dlink as the DHCp server and gateway and point both computers to that? As the Xp box's firewall would make things more difficult.

So remove all networking connections start from a fresh, but try letting the dlink do the work.

Is that an option??

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by karma1 In reply to

After much fighting I am victorious over the Dlink POS router.

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by karma1 In reply to WinXP SP2 and ICS

Thanks for reminding me. I knew there was something I'd forgotten. I had originally planned to use the Dlink as a router, but the DSL connection is PPoE. The router is SUPPOSED to support this, however whenever I try and set it up the router stops working. Basically I save the changes, the router reboots itself, and then none of my systems can see it or each other. It takes a factory reset to get it back to normal, which of course loses the PPoE data. A work around for this would also be a welcome solution. I'm way to cheap to be buying a better router...

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by karma1 In reply to WinXP SP2 and ICS

Upped the points.. I have more than enough May as well make it worth your time.

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by karma1 In reply to WinXP SP2 and ICS

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