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By sid_kraft ·
I am running WinXP Pro with SP2 on a 3GHZ P4 processor, 160Gig West Dig Drive, 1Gig Ram. I initialized the 160Gig Hard drive, formatted to NFTS file structure while loading WinXP Pro, SP2 and Drivers for my system. All works fine except, every time I try to boot from the hard drive, WinXP has to start 2-3 times before it installs, I keep getting message that WinXP Pro failed to load, need to try "Safe Mode" or try again. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks, Sid Kraft.

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Maybe hardware related

by mjd420nova In reply to WinXP Start

I've seen this on a few machines. A check of bad sectors on the hard drive may reveal an intermittent track. Get it to start right and back up what you have. Run the mfgrs diags if you have them, but you need to identify the bad track, mark it and reformat. This would in most cases solve the problem, but could indicate a failure down the line. Maybe just a few more tracks go bad and depending on where they are, a complete crash. Just another reason to keep an up to date back up.

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This could be because of a couple of things

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WinXP Start

The first thing that I would be looking at is to change the BIOS Battery they do go flat and cause some really screwy problems when they are anything but working perfectly.

That will at least remove the possibility of a BIOS Problem not allowing the HDD to be read properly. If it still doesn't work after changing the battery and resetting BIOS you'll need to start to perform some hardware tests the first would be to download WD's Testing Utility available here


If the drive comes up as faulty test it in another computer and see if it continues to come up as Bad. If it doesn't you'll have to look at either the M'Board or the Data Cable being the problem and occasionally the Power Connector or Power Supply being at fault as these can fail at any time or fail to produce the required power.

If the drive shows up as Good after the test you can then try some more invasive diagnostic tools available on the Ultimate Boot CD available from here


But before you start do the obvious things check every connection and make sure that it's properly inserted, check the jumper settings to make sure that the M'Board is properly configured and also check the BIOS Clear Jumper to make sure that it's not in the Clear position.

Look at all the power connectors particularly the one that goes onto the HDD and make sure that the connectors are not loose. If you need to tighten up any connectors remember to unplug the system and allow the capacitors to discharge or you run the risk of destroying the Power Supply while you are fixing a minor problem.


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XP Start

by dmiles In reply to WinXP Start

When did this start to happen before or after any software or hardware changes
Check your BIOS setup to insure the boot order has the harddrive listed first

You may want to check the system.ini and win.ini files,there could be something loading at startup that is causing the system to hang.

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