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    WinXP vs Epson drivers


    by jr0410 ·

    We’ve recently upgraded our Win98 PCs to WinXP. We use Epson dot matrix printers on some PCs. Since the upgrade, our Epsons(LQ870 & LQ570+)do not print in the faster draft mode. They automatically print in the slower letter quality mode, regardless of the dip switch settings of the printer. Epson does not make dot matrix drivers specifically for XP. How do I fix this? I tried using XP’s Epson FX850 driver instead of the LQ driver. It then prints faster but some of the characters are illegible and too faint.

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      WinXP vs Epson drivers

      by ann_m ·

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      Use the default driver(windows native) for your printer. i know this will be a pain but go into printer properties on each computer and set it to draft vs the default. Do this from administrator so that it will apply to all users

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      WinXP vs Epson drivers

      by thechas ·

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      If Ann_M’s answer does not work, you are caught in one of the XP gotcha’s.

      While XP claims support for many printers, the XP default drivers ONLY support limited functions.

      I cannot count all of the questions posted to this forum about XP and printer issues.

      There are 2 ways to correct the problem:

      1 Expensive; replace the printers with printers with full XP drivers.

      2 Install the W2K driver for the printer.

      Sometimes to install the W2K driver, you need to trick XP into believing that it is W2K.
      You do this via a registry edit.
      CAUTION: Improper use of regedit can disable your system, proceed with caution.

      Here is the procedure form Mustek for installing the W2K driver for their scanners.
      This should work for mostother hardware also.

      You can try the following solution if the XP-Tool is not working:
      (This should be attempted only if you are comfortable with the Windows Registry)

      Start menu run program “Regedit.exe”.
      in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
      rename the key “ProductName” from “Microsoft Windows XP” to “Microsoft Windows 2000”.

      Install the driver for Windows 2000.

      Undo the changes in the Registry, when you have finished the driver installation.

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      WinXP vs Epson drivers

      by jr0410 ·

      In reply to WinXP vs Epson drivers

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