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    WinXPpro – sold volume license software instead of OEM


    by artjamz2 ·

    I have been building my own computers for about 6 years now. Aout 2 years ago, I bought a few copies of Windows XP Pro for the 4 motherboards & other parts of 4 pc’s I had bought over time to build four computers. I bought all 4 at different online stores at different times and I ordered all OEM software. THey sat in their boxes until I was ready to use them. In the meantime, my house got destroyed by Hurricanes Jeanne and Willma, in 2004 and 2005. A lot of things were thrown out and condensed into new boxes that weren’t wet. When I installed them all about 11 months ago, I noticed that one of the CD’s was a volume license software and not an OEM. By then, I didn’t know who I bought that one from or even who the four stores were because of hurricane destroyed paperwork and computers and the fact that i always shop around for the best deal and use way more than 4 stores that sell software. Anyway, the volume license version activated ok and I had no problem for almost a year until I just received a Not a Genuine Microsoft warning the other day on the pc that has the volume license operating system on it.
    My question is: What can I do to fix the situation? I really don’t want to pay $130.00 for another OEM OS when I already paid $120.00 for this one which wound up being a volume licens edition instead of an OEM edition. Unfortunately, all of my receipts have been destroyed and I’m not sure which store I got it from. Can anyone help?

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