wipe drive and install XP

By rthrpioli ·
got and old 10g drive w/win2000pro and i wanna replace it with xp...i have wiped a disc and formatted it for fat 32...so i need to get step by step help to...the disc i wiped was 8g drive that was all tunes....is it the same or a different proceedure?just wanna learn how,because up to now,i've been removing malware for my friends and the last one had 106 infections...i have mega anti malware stuff but it took me 5 tries in safe mode with ca internet suite,bitdfenderv10,and avg anti malware......too time consuming...casuite,had to run 4 times to clean remnants the others left behind!....need to wipe 'em and reformat..
somewhere in my travels i swear i saw a "wipe windows disc' or sure disc wipe is ther such a thing...i bought Xp disc so help?

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You can find

by w2ktechman In reply to wipe drive and install XP

a low level format utility for most drives that small, from the manufacturers website.

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wipe drive disc

by rthrpioli In reply to DBAN

thank you Choppit! I knew there was a product like this but i couldn't remember where i saw it...Hey,i'm pushing 60yrs old and i thought i was losing it,but i guess i'm not.....thanx again and happy holidays on you and your's!.............peace,arty!

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