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Wipeing out hard drive with magnets?

By Frogwillie2001 ·
I have a laptop that has to be return back in the mail for a replacement.
This one fry itself.
I want to know if a magnet that can pull 750 pounds will wipe it clean.
The laptop will not start up.
But I want to make sure that if it gets put into another laptop that all of my info will be gone.

Thanks for your input.

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by verizonmac In reply to Wipeing out hard drive wi ...

The method of data eradication you refer to is called degaussing. Hard drives can seldom be used after degaussing. I suspect a 750 pound magnet will work nicely but the user of a degausser does not guarantee all data on a drive will be destroyed. Better to remove the drive and attach to another computer to insure data overwrite.

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by LiamE In reply to Wipeing out hard drive wi ...

Yes it will wipe out data beyond the recovery of anyone except specialist.

Be careful though as it might also invalidate your warranty.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Wipeing out hard drive wi ...

I vote for Verizonmac's respone. You can get an adater fro around $10 to connect it as a slave \ drive to another computer. (Bring in your hard drive and have the tech at the computer store attach the adaptor as they are flimsy and tricky). Then get into \ and delete the critical info or even use one of the disk wiping softwares available.


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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Wipeing out hard drive wi ...

Should work but stop looking / storing at things you should not be! We know who you are...

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by mjd420nova In reply to Wipeing out hard drive wi ...

Yes, a magnet with that amount of force should do the trick, but may invalidate the warranty. If it is imperitive that no data be recovered from that drive, an old TV degaussing coil works best. Even a home-make coil would work, as a magnet would just wipe certain parts and not all. A couple hundred windings of wire in a coil large enough to pass the drive thru the center will certainly scramble everything. Be sure to keep any magnet of that size away from any drives not defunct or any CRT's, as it could magnetize metal pieces in the frame and cause poor convergence that cannot be corrected.

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