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    Wiping a hard drive not too hard is it ????????????


    by moxley108 ·

    HI Guys Newbie moxley108 here.
    Im trying to put xp disc in drive shut drawer,put feet up on computer desk shutdown and restart computer and do no more than computer requires, within the 39 minute format, load up time and be presented with a spanking new clean edition of xp pro.The problem i have is that it wont do as requested, it says version trying to be wiped /formatted is newer than version on disc.But that cant be right, my other 2 computers wiped and reloaded no problem (was actually able to assume the position ), feet up etc.Was hoping someone had the magic quick fix please.

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      FDISK is a wonderful thing

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Wiping a hard drive not too hard is it ????????????

      Download a DOS or Windows 9x boot disk from

      Double click the file to execute and create the boot floppy.

      Boot to the floppy. At the prompt, type FDISK.

      Select the option to delete partitions and logical drives. Delete all logical drives, the extended partition (if they exist), then delete the primary partition.

      Boot to your CD and put your feet up.

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      Next !!!!!!!!!

      by moxley108 ·

      In reply to Wiping a hard drive not too hard is it ????????????

      managed to get windows onto computer but only copy for copy no format.would be keen to find out what to do next please,heads fed up of being scratched.I only got this far by wiping service pack 2 but it wont format.

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      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to Wiping a hard drive not too hard is it ????????????

      Most new computers are set to boot from, CD/usb, hard drive and mabie floppy. Check the BIOS of that computer to make sure it is set to boot from CD.
      To get in to the BIOS watch the screen at boot up or go to the makers web site to find out how to do it.

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