Wired and Wireless Routers

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I've got a regular wired router plugged in to a cable modem. I've got a few desktop computers and a Xbox 360 connected to it. I've also got a laptop and a Wii, both of which have wireless capabilities, so I was pretty happy to get a wireless router for Christmas. The wireless router doesn't have enough ports to connect the computers and 360, so I was hoping to use both the wireless and the wired routers.

Is it possible to put all this - at least two desktops, two laptops, a 360, a Wii and a printer - all on the same network? How do I make the wireless part of the network secure? Will I be able to share a printer between the wired and wireless computers? What about files?

Also, three computers are running Windows XP SP2, and one is running Vista Business.

Thanks in advance!

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In answer to your question

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wired and Wireless Router ...

YES it's possible!

It should just be a matter of plugging in one wired connection to a computer and then following the directions in the Instruction Manual on setting up both the Wired and WiFi parts of the LAN.

As for security you can instigate MAC or WEP or both depending on what the router supports again this will be in the Setup Guide in the Destruction Manual.

In theory there should be about a 500 Meter range of the WiFi but things like walls and other things can interfere with the signal strength and range so you may have to position the WiFi Router carefully so you get the connections where you want them failing that you may need to use a WiFi Extender to get a signal to the other end of a house or something similar to that.

As for Security a WiFi can never be as secure as a Wired LAN and it never will stop a professional from breaching your security but if you follow the directions in the Manual it will keep out all but the most determined intruder to the system. It's a bit like keeping Spy Ware off your Wired LAN if you are not constantly cleaning up after you go you run the risk of having everything transfered off site, well WiFi is exactly the same you'll need to keep the Router updated to the latest firmware versions available and if you can setup static address and only allow these to access the WiFi side of the LAN it will be more secure.

Failing that you could always just attach a Hub or Managed Switch to give you more Wired access points if you don't want to go through all the problems of setting up the WiFi side of things and keeping it secure.


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