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By mark.salmon ·
Please excuse this naive question - but I have access to a wired ethernet LAN in an appartment block and want to find out if it is possible to make use of this by adding a "box" of some form that would give me a wireless network in my appartment? If so what sort of box do I need?

Also I live in an isolated house when home with no neighbours nearby-- the strength of the BT suppplied wireless router is too weak to reach all the rooms I need to use the wireless network-- what sort of booster can I buy? There is no problem with interference with other networks as there can be none for several miles and clearly hotels and other institutions have stronger wireless networks.

Many thanks

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reply to "wired LAN to Wireless"

by john In reply to wired LAN to Wireless

I run a similar type setup at a smallish primary school. we have a wired network going throughout the school with a main router as the dhcp server. I have several wireless routers throughout the school acting as wireless switches attached to the wired network. The routers I use are dlink DI524. The only settings I have in them are the wireless network name and wireless password. It seems when there are no values in the WAN section of the settings, the router just looks to the closest DHCP server. Most wireless routers you can buy will do this. Hope this helps. Get back to me if you want more information.

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2 questions, same answer.

by 1bn0 In reply to wired LAN to Wireless

Wireless router. For the apartment connectin, that is the type of setup the wireless router is designed for.

Please follow the instructions provided with the router and ensure you enable encryption on the wireless connection side.

For the house you can add router in another area of the house. You will need a cable between the two routers.

Linksys provides a guide to linking routers.

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Contact me for wireless

by lloyd.harrington In reply to wired LAN to Wireless

Hi mark,

Please by all means give me a call, I am an IT consultant and we run a business specifically aimed at boosting Wi-Fi signals for people.

Our website:

Speak to any of our sales representatives, they will help.

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