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Wired Network fine, Wireless fails

By cryorz ·
I'm currently trying to set up a wireless network at home. I've been using a wired system based from my trusty Linksys BEFSR41, which I've had going on 5yrs now.

Upon first installing an Airlink101 Wireless N, my bandwidth on the desktop (plugged in), went down. My wireless connection to my laptops run fine for anywhere from 30min-1hr and then drops completely.

I found when I try and re-start the connections on the laptop (sometimes), I'm asked if I want to disconnect from the network, where as on the system tray the wireless net icon appears disconnected.

I live in tech central, with savvy neighbors, I guess I'm naturally paranoid that I have security issues. The other possibility is that my signal strength coming in from the wall is fairly weak. Do wireless routers require a stronger signal then a wired one, to work effectively?

ps. (I've also tested this with a Netgear Wireless N router, same results)


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Wireless Net Systray icon

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wired Network fine, Wirel ...

Is really about the only part of your query I can talk about.

I'm connecting to the net through an Acer wireless NB and have been for almost 3 years. I don't have an internet router - I pull my signal down from a communal trunk thing sitting astride a lamp-post outside on the street.

The only reason I mention this is that my wireless comms covers a far greater distance than the average domestic user.

Your systray icon may show you as disconnected but your wireless "port" remains enabled - so the first offer you get from the os is to disable it - in order to start again, afresh.

I have an old tower that is networked to the Acer. When I throw the tower into the frame my bandwidth plummets, but neither of them drops off.

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by cryorz In reply to Wireless Net Systray icon

Thanks for the reply. I checked with my ISP and raised a fuss. I checked the speed over my wireless connection on laptop and came up with 2500kbps which is half of what my desktop pulls linked directly to my router. The most interesting thing is that during the conversation with their rep, my laptop stayed up the whole time and a week later is having no problem. I'm wondering if they somehow allocated more bandwidth, but I'm not complaining.

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