Wired router dropping connection

By chris231218 ·
I recently set up a wired network within my house. All wiring is okay as it was installed by an electrician.
I have run a normal DSL modem serving one computer with no issues but obviously I needed a router to serve my other PC.
When I connect the router, the connection continually drops for a few seconds every few minutes on both PCs. If I remove the router and run either PC from the modem no issues.
I understand this is a common issue with wireless routers as well.
I am running Windows XP.
Can anyone offer any advice as to why this is happening and what the solution is?
Many thanks,

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Wired router dropping con ...

Even if the wiring was installed by an electrician, was he qualified to install network cabling? Did he test the cabling using cable testing equipment?

If one of the cables has been laid parallel to power cables or next to air conditioning units or similar sources of electromagnetic interference, it would explain the connectivity problems.

The behaviour of the router dropping off for a few seconds every few minutes is definitely not normal behaviour for a router, wired or not.

If you can, bring in a laptop and connect it directly to the router with a flylead, join it to the same workgroup and test file transfers from the laptop to each of the two PCs to see which cable run is potentially faulty.

You can also try to use a small switch and connect the two PCs through the switch, bypassing the router altogether and see if you can transfer files between the PCs without failures.

You could then swap the router and test some file transfers, to eliminate the cabling as the source of the problem.

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This happens because

by Jesus_C In reply to Wired router dropping con ...

because automatically detect settings is constantly refreshing the connection and sometimes even a router reboot is required.The easyest way to get around this is ring your isp and ask then do they have a specified proxy and port that you can set up.Also check that the dsl light is not flickering.It should be a solid green all the time.If it is flickering then i would investigate a wireing fault or the possible failure of dsl on the line

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