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    Wired & wireless network connection problems


    by murraydl54 ·

    I am currently working on a Toshiba 3000-S353 laptop that has been upgraded to Windows XP. It has a Linksys wireless card and connects to a Linksys router. When using the wireless card it keeps saying limited or no connectivity even though the connection shows a 100% signal. If you change the settings to a specific IP address you can make the connection and get to the internet OK. Explaining this process to the owner and advising him he will have to change the address everytime he connects to a new a network at a hotel, etc. will be a problem for the computer user. Why won’t this obtain it’s own address and hook up? If you plug into the wired port it just says it is obtaining IP address and never connects until you set up an IP address manually then it will connect. I have downloaded the latest drivers for the nic from Toshiba and it still won’t work. Any suggestions?

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      What we have seen

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to Wired & wireless network connection problems

      I have seen this problem before. Most often it is caused by a rouge dhcp server somewhere on the network. It is especially common when unauthorized wireless routers are placed on the network.

      The trick is to find the rouge server.

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      Happened to me

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Wired & wireless network connection problems

      I’ve seen this before. There was two problems, one was a neighbor got into the router, and I was able to capture his MAC address and block it out. The other problem was the same neighbor put his router up and it was interfering with mine. Solved both with making sure mine didn’t broadcast SSID and all worked fine.

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        I think it’s the laptop

        by murraydl54 ·

        In reply to Happened to me

        Don’t really have a problem with the router, appears to be with the computer, everytime I try to connect to a new network you have to put in a static IP address other wise it won’t connect just says limited or no connectivity , if connecting through nic it says aquiring ip address and never gets one.

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          Older equipment?

          by jdmercha ·

          In reply to I think it’s the laptop

          I haven’t seen this on newer equiment but sometimes the wireless card is set to operate on a different cahnnel than the router is operating on.

          Have you checked to see that they are on the same channel?

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          Yes it is an older computer

          by murraydl54 ·

          In reply to Older equipment?

          Yes this computer is 5 years old, router & computer are set to the same channel.

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          Same Channel

          by murraydl54 ·

          In reply to Older equipment?

          Yes they are using the same channel.

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      Operating system

      by wito ·

      In reply to Wired & wireless network connection problems

      Dos it have winxp sp2, if so have you tried to reinstall windows

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      It’s a little late, but for what it’s worth…

      by affin55 ·

      In reply to Wired & wireless network connection problems

      Try updating the device drivers. I’ve had this problem, and it turns out it was some sort of conflict between the device drivers and the location.

      Another thing to try is reconfiguring the device itself. You can boost the power, or specify which wireless protocol to use, and even change the channels if necessary.

      One other thing is that it could be possible that there are two competeing wireless points covering that area (using the same channel for example). This could cause your system to get confused as to who it should be accessing. You can check this out with Netstumbler.

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