Wired/Wireless Simultaneous Connections

By KLK ·
Will having your wired and wireless connections active at the same time cause problems with a network, and if so, what issues can this cause?
I was told: You should always be aware of whether you are connected to the wired or wireless network, and use only one network connection at a time. Your laptop can also be connected to both networks simultaneously, which can cause network instability and slow connectivity.
Thanks in advance!

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Imagine you walk toward a road junction ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wired/Wireless Simultaneo ...

When you arrive at this junction you judge it to be 2 separate paths each diverging at a 30' angle.

You elect to walk down both paths simultaneously and step forward, Left Foot on the left path, Right Foot on the right path. Initially you find this easy for the first few steps but the paths are getting further apart and you are developing severe pain in your groin area. Ultimately, should you wish to retain a foot on each path YOU HAVE TO STOP MOVING!

Consider the groin area to be your Comms capability and the disparity of the diverging paths to be a simile of the fact that WIRED comms is clean & fast, WIRELESS comms is slow and burdensome (data converted into transmittable code then transmitted ~ transmitted code received then converted back into data ad infinitum plus dropped packets which then require to be re-sent).

If your groin can't cope with a simple task like walking down both diverging paths simultaneously, how do you expect a computer to be able to cope with something infinitely more complex?

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Nice Comparison

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Imagine you walk toward a ...

And for me, i keep asking my users to switch off the wireless, when they are connected to the cable.
As the cable is much more faster and stable.

And when you have the two connections UP, this mean you have two IP addresses, and some applications stop responding, because they send the request from one IP and receive the response from the other one.

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That's what I thought...

by KLK In reply to Nice Comparison

I have asked my users to switch off the wireless when they are connected to the wire, and they had a fit - stating it takes too much time, and why is that a problem, and what if I need to go wireless, so on and so forth. I needed someone to agree with me in this situation, so I would at least have a valid argument.
Thank you very much, and more comments are welcome.

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