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How can i troubleshoot my wireless at home from another location? say someone from my house called and said that my wireless is down, but when they plug in a cat5 to the modem it's working. How can i troubleshoot my wireless at home from another location? do i have to type some sort of configuration to reset it and bring my wireless back up??

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Vagueness is going to be a problem.

by seanferd In reply to Wireless

Both in your question, as well as the problem as presented to you.

"Wireless is down." Is it? Or is there interference? Or did we move to far away?

Is the problem with the computing device, or the WAP? Perhaps the computer is trying to connect to another person's wireless?

I would suggest, for starters, rebooting the WAP. Power it off for a minute. No way to do that remotely, although you could probably reboot if you can access the WAP GUI over the net (I hope you have a secure setup), but that isn't guaranteed to clear bad data like a one minute power down.

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by twizted684 In reply to Vagueness is going to be ...

How do i access WAP GUI over the net?

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RE: How can i troubleshoot my wireless at home from another location?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless

With a lot of difficulty.

You would first have to tell us if you have a Modem and WiFi Device or a Modem and a separate WiFi Device.

Generally speaking if you have a single unit if the WiFi isn't working then the Modem isn't working, however if you have 2 separate devices it's quite possible the the Modem will be working and the WiFi could have failed. The first step is to put the Device in Question through a Power Off then On Cycle to clear any scrambling that may have occurred from the Mains Power.

Then if that doesn't work you would have to connect to your WiFi Device over the Net and enter it's Setup. Ideally you would have already changed the Password but the User Name should be the same and then go to whatever setup procedure that you need to change and then reboot the unit.

Of course if someone has just walked in with a NB or Net Book and you have Security in Place on the WiFi it's not going to work anyway unless you leave the User Name & PassPhrase around for just such an eventuality or have no security at all in place. The last option of no security is a very bad idea as you are responsible for anything downloaded on your Internet Connection and without any security anyone can make use of it but not be responsible for what is downloaded the Internet Connections Owner gets to carry that responsibility. Even then there is no guarantee that the person using the computer has the Wireless on their computer turned on so it's quite possible that it's a user error not a hardware failure.

In short unless you have a direct connection to the WiFi device even if it's only over a WiFi connection which isn't working anyway you up against it. If you are relying on the Internet to make the connection things are just that much harder if it's even possible.

Of course if this a a Business Class WiFi Access Point like one of the Cisco ones that's a different story but here I'm assuming which is most likely dangerous and wrong that is is some sort of Domestic Class Equipment involved here.

Though I suppose you could Remote Desktop into the wire connected computer and then proceed to setup the WiFi connection and/or fault find the trouble with the WiFi connection.


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