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I have a microwave primary Internet signal, almost T-1, but want to distribute in a very "treed" area, the microwave is 2.4, how do I make the 156 acre site wireless? Nothing seems to penetrate the leaves and trees,,,is radio the answer?

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All forms of Microwave require line of sight

by faradhi In reply to Wireless

So if you must go wireless, you will need to go to something like radio. However, that is a large campus to cover. Your going to have to run wires somewhere even if it is to the AP's.

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Start with a site survey

by sirkozz In reply to Wireless

802.11 a/b/g could work for your location.
The only way to know is for a professional to conduct a site survey.
There are several ways to provide WIFI coverage in outdoor settings to minimize cabling requirements.
To give you some possible numbers figure 1 AP for every 70,000 square feet for 11Mbs coverage, and roughly $1500 for each AP (cabling, antennas, ect.) not including running 120VAC if required. Install should be under 200K including site survey and elecrtical if required.

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