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By fimos ·
Wireless gurus,

Please let me know your thoughts on the following:
* How have your clients addressed the issue of rogue wireless access points?
* How concerned are clients about rogue wireless access points?
* Are they any less concerned about rogue devices connecting to their network?
* Do you have any clients that are even considering the use of a device authentication solution (e.g., where only trusted devices may connect to the wired or wireless network)?
* Do you see a cryptographic-based device authentication solution using EAP-TLS and digital certificates as implementable/desirable in the forseeable future?

I have a client that is seeking feedback on the viability of an EAP-TLS/digital certificate solution.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Wireless

There have been a few related discussions you may want to read through.

The first is about a rogue user finding a hotspot.
This should scare the crap out of anyone thinking of using Wireless access in their office.

Securing wireless networks

A good friend of mine travels all over the US installing Wireless networks for a Canadian company. The company was unable to sell enough systems to stay alive in Canada because of the security fears. in the US he is all over the place and just can't keep up with the demand. Apparently he says it is secure, but for some reason he keeps making site visits to fix security flaws, hmmmmmmmm.?!?

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by Oz_Media In reply to

This would be much more effective if posted as a dicussion in the discussions forum instad of in the Q&A section.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Wireless

Here in Australia we don't have as big a fear re security as you do in the USA. Yet despite the wireless people marketting very aggressively it is NOT taking off due to security concerns. Some corporations have introduced policies that include instant dismissal for attaching a wireless device to the corporate network, and some govt depts are taking a similar approach.

I can not see it being accepted until you have a very good digital verification process with high encryption that also gives good transmission. At present you can have a good connection or a secure connection but not both.

Many people see the use of encrypted dial up access as being more useful and safe.

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by fimos In reply to Wireless

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