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There is a wireless connection and it is open(no WEP,WPA). It is DHCP enabled. Yet when a computer with a USB wireless adaptor connects, it hit or miss. Sometimes connection is successful and at other times no success. Why does this happen and what is the solution?

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interference is most likely

by The Scummy One In reply to Wireless

the cause of the problem.
Is there anything between the wireless router and the receiver? It may not be a direct line interference either.

Some things to check would be phone (wireless 2.4Ghz), large appliances being on (when it fails), blinds (window blinds), etc..
If you are trying to connect to a neighbors, I would suspect window blinds first, and then warn you against doing this.

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Connecting to someone else's WiFi hotspot is stealing

by ManiacMan In reply to Wireless

If your questions is based on that, then I suggest you refrain from attempting to gain access to something that is not yours.

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Although It is not stated clearly

by The Scummy One In reply to Connecting to someone els ...

as for intent, I was trying to refrain from calling this person a thief because there is no clear evidence that he is trying to piggyback on someone elses wifi. But since it was a good probability, I mentioned it in my post.

could be his own. But also, he was not asking for help in doing anything directly, just asking a basic question of what kinds of things would cause this behaviour.

Just my take at least.

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