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Hello Gentlemen

I would like to share my question with IT experts?.
I have HP laptop, of course I have build in wireless in my laptop, beside I have 3com USB wireless.
So can I use the two to get wireless internet, in other words can I share hp wireless and 3com to get more wireless channel and then get more internet downloads.
So can anybody help in this?

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No, two wireless adapters will not give you more speed

by robo_dev In reply to wireless

If these two Wireless adapters are connected to the same wireless router, most likely the connection would be slower, not faster.

The two devices would be in contention for the same bandwidth and likely on the same wireless radio channel...bad, bad, bad.

Even if you connect these two wireless adapters each to two seperate networks, Windows cannot load-balance a web browser connection across multiple adapters; you would basically have to enable routing in the PC, since each network would likely have it's own gateway, DHCP server, etc.

Windows would establish a route to the faster connection and keep it there (automatic routing metric)

The short answer is that your PC needs to have one default gateway for your Internet connection to work properly and two network adapters will not make anything work better.

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Portable High Power Wireless System

by wisam-k In reply to No, two wireless adapters ...

Thank you very much for your fast replay?
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