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Wireless access in Europe for business trip

By jdclyde ·
Got some sales guys taking off to Europe for business. UK, Germany and the like.

What should they be aware of as they take off?

They will be taking their laptops, expecting to use WiFi so they can VPN back to check their email.

I reminded them about the power, so they will hit radio shack for a decent converter.

Do most hotels have broadband?
Do most hotels have wifi?
Do most hotels include this in the package or is it an "add on"?

Are there open hotspots around the towns, either when your out to eat or just out and about?

Thanks for any tips and heads up you can give on this. Yes, they are leaving this weekend.... Nice to get warning, huh?

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I support many attorneys

by w2ktechman In reply to Wireless access in Europe ...

and it all depends on the country, and the Hotel. Just like here, many do offer wireless, and/or high speed connections, some offer nothing, and others are pay per use.
Make sure that as a backup that their modems are setup for a connection as well. They may need an adapter for this too.

Find out where they will be staying to determine what kind of access that they will have. It is best to contact the Hotel itself and check this out.

I currently have 1 person in Venice, and he stated the other day that there is a wireless hotspot (several actually) in close proximity to his hotel. So I would assume that other places will as well. I have heard of them in various places, even in the Phillipines.

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City to City...

by dawgit In reply to Wireless access in Europe ...

Wifi- differs from city to city, with-in Germany. And Hotel to Hotel. This week-end? As in Fri. the 29th of Sept.? As in tommorow? You're right, doesn't leave much time for planning. I would have sugested checking the internet sites for the Hotels they will be staying in, as to their internet conections, types, and costs. Most, if not all Hotels now, have internet conections open. (And most are broad-band wireless.) Due to the fact that this is Europe the freqs are different 802.11a in the US, is 802.11b in Europe. Silly little things like that. Should not be a problem as most cards are universal in that reguard. As for power, it's not so much a problem in todays world. Most laptops that one sees are already multi-voltage anyway. (At least the ones sold over here for the last 10 years.) Check the power supplies, (JD, read them your-self if you can, do avoid confusion) Most, if not all the power supplies are switching power supplies. On the lable, it should say something like 100-240V 50-60hz, or something simular. With that, only the plugs are different. England being a little different than the rest of Europe. (& they still can't drive on the right side of the raod either) In most cities in Germany, they should not have a problem, Germany is almost totally international, and one will hear English spoken everywhere. (As well as about a dozzen other languages, at one time) Do you know what part of Germany? (oh, and tell them to stay out of the 'Poof' houses ;-) ) -dawgit
edited to add- it's hard not to find a 'Hot-Spot' here around Stuttgart. -d

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by Marty R. Milette In reply to Wireless access in Europe ...

There is no problem accessing Wi-Fi in Europe, but your guys better be damn careful about what they connect to.

Latest scam is the "Free Public Wi-Fi" ploy -- where an attacker will share-up his own connection and let users connect through it -- not know that the attacker is not only capturing all the date to/from them, but also attacking their computer directly.

There are MANY different attacks on public Wi-Fi networks. I just posted an article myself here on Techrepublic at:

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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