Wireless Access Point - Devices Keep Dropping Signal

By RogueJD ·
'Ello all.

I work for a company that provides software and hardware for a very specific scope of clientele. I'm having some issues, and am looking for more suggestions:

- We use tablets to run a Kiosk program that allows customers to essentially "check-in". they'll fill out a few forms, and hand the tablet back.

- The tablets are connected to a local server through a WAP. Upon viewing event logs on the WAP, there are several disassocaitions / reassociations. The client tablets are simply dropping the connection from the WAP, and picking it right back up again.

- Disassociations from the network are causing a hang in the program. Programming is attacking the issue from their end; I hope to do so from my end.

- Seven Asus EEE Slate Tablets (2.4Ghz Wireless N) connect to:
- Cisco AP541N Small Business Class WAP connected to:
- Patch Panel connected to:
- Dedicated server 2008 r2

- WAP is relatively unobstructed from lobby area (~25 feet) Decent signal.
- InSSIDer scan shows low-to-moderate 2.4Ghz interference at worst. Selected channel with least interference.

Configuration "Tweaks"
- Disabled 802.11d Regulatory Domain Support
- Broadcasting N only.
- WPA Personal Key using WPA 1 and AES only.
- See attached capture for other settings

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Any tips?

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