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Wireless access point placement diagram

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
When deploying a WLAN over a large area, the biggest challenge is settting up access points to cover all the areas where clients need access. This download provides a chart that can help you plan your WAP placement.

Check out the download and then post your feedback.

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A Bigger Challenge with WAP in Large Networks

by joseph In reply to Wireless access point pla ...

I have a small topology, with no routers at all.

We use the 172.16.2.x range not the normal 192.168.x.x

We have DSL speakeasy to a sonic firewall the firewall goes to a main cisco switch. the switch then goes to seperate departments. Netgear switches.

on one of the netgear switches we have tried to make our network wireless. We have our own DHCP and static ip's DHCP range 205-224

static ips all over the place work great. if you plug a laptop in the wall the dhcp server nt 4 service on a pc we use, gives the laptop an ip address just fine.

So it sounds like plug the wireless WAP right in right?

WRONG, i plug in, chan ge my ip address to configure to be on the ip address of 172.16.2.x

We config the Linksys WAP54G's to the tech support level 2 standards. we log out.

All our wireless laptops see the WAP and connect with excellent signal strength.

But no network computers pingable, no releas renew with ipconfig.

No internet.

And ontop of that cant even ping these WAP's. Its a good wap, we have 3.

Earlier we tried belkin wireless outers, they worked for a few hours, then the fimware cant be pinged.

Anyone know whats up???

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by jbaker In reply to A Bigger Challenge with W ...

I had this issue with a Sonicwall WAP. You need to give the Access point a set of IP addresses in a different scheme than the wired part of the network. Then set static routes in the firewall to redirect all of the packets from that scheme to the wired network. For some reason the wireless gets confused, and simply drops all of the packets.

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by jbaker In reply to Wireless access point pla ...

How large of an area does this graphic represent?

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Yeah, right, in a perfect world.....

by cp7212 In reply to Wireless access point pla ...

This diagram obviously exists in a world with no microwave ovens, wire racks, concrete walls, electromagnetic motors and power boxes. Looking at that diagram is like taking a lesson in remedial wireless.

Now if the diagram had some upper and lower levels, microwave ovens, and some power cables running through the room, I'd be more apt to be impressed. I wish the wireless network I work with was so easy.

I think that diagram would be better for a home user to look at.....

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Shannon's Law

by jmgarvin In reply to Yeah, right, in a perfect ...

It is a place to start. You can just plug in some noise and get reality. At least it gives a decent topology to work with.

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by kc_mike In reply to Wireless access point pla ...

Does this site simply advertise diagrams to get you to sign up and provide a valid email so they can send you junk and not provide the advertised diagram or does one really exist somewhere? So far my assumptions are as stated. Where is the diagrams?

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