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wireless access to wired network

By vjbrown6925 ·
I have a wired network, my T1 comes into the Cisco Router, to a Firewall (it's set to assign DHCP) to switches for the network. I bought a D-link DI634M wireless router to use an access point for the wireless laptops. However, I can not configure the router to talk to the firewall. I even set up a special static address for the D-link on the firewall, assigned that address to the LAN address on the d-link, but it will not talk to it. Can someone give me some suggestions?
I called D-link support (3 times), they haven't been able to help.

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by forklift14 In reply to wireless access to wired ...

To use your router as an access point only, follow the steps below:

Router A is the router you want to use as the router - connected to the modem.
Router B is the router you want to use an access point or switch.

Step 1 Do not use the WAN port on router B.

Step 2 Depending on your network setup, you may need to change the LAN IP address of router B. The default is If you are using another router, DHCP server, or Internet connection sharing software, change the LAN IP address of the router to an IP in your subnet ( The LAN IP address must be static.

Step 3 Disable DHCP on router B. To disable DHCP, go into the routers configuration > Home > DHCP. Click Disable and then click apply.

This is very easy if you need any help just send me a PM

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by CG IT In reply to wireless access to wired ...

the first answer has it mostly right. Only problem I see is the suggestion to not use the D-Link WAN port. The D-Link is a router therefore routes traffic based upon it's routing table. Packets that are not destined for the D-Link LAN must be forwarded. If you don't use the D-Link WAN, then packets not destined for the LAN will be dropped as the router does not know where to send them.

The simplest way to add wireless connectivity to a wired network is to get a Wireless Access Point instead of a Wireless Router.

If your going to use a wireless router, then you have to configure the D-Link router with static addressing e.g. the D-Link WAN port is configured with a static IP address on the Cisco LAN subnet and the default gateway for the D-Link LAN is the Cisco router. That way the D-Link router will forward packets not destined to its LAN to the Cisco router. The Cisco router then determines if the packets are destined for it's LAN. If not the Cisco router then forwards the packets.

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