Wireless adapter can connect to other networks but not mine

By ibeteck ·
I just completely re-formated a Sony VAIO it has a built-in wireless adapter. It can find all the networks around it including mine. The problem is that it can connect to other networks but when I try to connect to mine it says it is out of range. Funny thing is that the router is sitting in the same room.

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by PC-guru In reply to Wireless adapter can conn ...

assuming you havent reset your router i would do a full power cycle. check and make sure your wep key is correct. what is the make of the router? can any other computer wireless connect to the router?

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by ibeteck In reply to assuming

Yes I power cycled it 3 times. Router Make is Linksys if I remember correctly model is sx400. My other systems can connect to my wireless network. Prior to me reformatting the system it was able to connect to the router. The router is set to WPA/WPA2 encoding and the code works perfectly fine with other systems.

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Look at the channel

by tintoman In reply to Wireless adapter can conn ...

Make sure the the router is broadcasting on the same channel number as the laptop is trying to receive on, if they are different the laptop will still "see" the router but won't connect to it

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No connectivity

by Go Heels! 88 In reply to Look at the channel

Have you checked your router to ensure that you have an IP address available? You must set your IP range within your router. Check your LAN setup to verify your address range.

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When you reinstalled the OS did you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless adapter can conn ...

Run the Wireless Setup Wizard and enter the PassPhrase?

If you didn't it's not the problem of the Router not being present but the fact that you have yet to setup the computer to connect to your Router.


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