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wireless adpater losses signal

By IT_noob ·
Recently i started working on a friends computer. He has a dell optiplex GX620, running Windows XP sp3. The adapter (DELL WIRELESS 1450) was working great until one day it just stopped receiving the wireless signal of the router. As soon as you turn on the computer it would show that it automatically connects to the router, but after around 10-13 mins of using the internet it stops working and loses the signal. I checked their other computers and they all have wireless signals except for the desktop. Also when that happens and i check the device driver, it says that their is no driver present for the device. How is that possible? It was working fine a minute ago. What ive done so far is uninstalled the driver, reinstalled it, and nothing. I searched for viruses, removed a couple of them that it had, but that didnt solve the problem. i checked the adapters settings, and i couldnt see anything wrong with it. I checked the router settings as well and nothing. The router being used is a linksys WRT54GS, and i didnt see any incorrect settings. Im running out of ideas, i believe wiping the hard drive clean will NOT solve the problem, that is why im troubleshooting it now. Thank you for all your help in advance. ANY ADVICE WOULD BE MOST APPRECIATED

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Remove and the reinstall the drivers

by jdclyde In reply to wireless adpater losses s ...

Sometimes drivers just get pooched. Remove and reinstall the driver.

If that does not fix the problem, the wireless adapter is probably bad and needs to be replaced. (they do die)

If other systems get and keep their signal, it is almost definitely a bad adapter on that system.

Have you checked the event manager for error messages?

Good luck!

Helpful tip, next time you have a question, post it as a Question instead of as a Discussion. It will get more attention from the people that look to answer questions.

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i will see what i can do..

by IT_noob In reply to Remove and the reinstall ...

I will try your solutions. Thank you very much for the advice. I just connected the adapter to another system, to see what happens. Im farely new to this, and i dont really know my way around, thanx anyways for the advice i appreciate it. One last question, is there a way to check if the adapter has a time limit on how long its supposed to stay connected? after 10-13 mins it automatically disconnects without any warning. THANX IN ADVANCE

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by IT_noob In reply to i will see what i can do. ...

Unfortunately uninstalling and reinstalling the driver didnt help out. I tried to repair the connection but it would almost always freeze up when i do that. After around 15 mins of using the internet, it would shut off saying that the driver is missing. I plugged the adapter on another system and it worked fine, no loss of signal, nothing. Any more advice from anyone would be truly helpful.

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