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wireless and cabled

By craig.graham ·
I would like to join 2 seperate cabled floors via a wireless connection.

Is this possible and whats the best kit to use.


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wireless and cabled

by tduval In reply to wireless and cabled

Yes, you can.

Use a linksys (for example) access point in every flood, and you'll interconnect the all.

Of course, you'll loose bandwidth.

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wireless and cabled

by tommymcbrayer In reply to wireless and cabled

My first question would be how many workstations on each floor and what kind of switches are in place now, why do the 2 networks need to be combined, and what is your budget? Sure you can do this with a cheap lynksys or perferrably a CISCO aironet,but if the workstations are already connected to a switch it would be much, much cheaper to connect the 2 switches with cable.

TL McBrayer CNE-5, CNE-6, CCNP, CXE

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by wlbowers In reply to wireless and cabled

Before you jump into a wireless situation that could become a nightmare. Contact your telephone vendor and ask what they would charge to run a couple of cat 5 cables between your cabled floors.

These guys already have a path where they run the telephone lines so it probably will be a walk in the park.

A reliable wireless connection will depend on the type of building, how much concrete, how much steel? How many floors do you have to jump? How many computers on each floor? What kind of bandwidth is needed?

Good Luck Lee

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