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Wireless and reboot

By flash300 ·

I have a Dell Dimension P3 Win XP Pro that spontaneously reboots within minutes of connecting to my home wireless network. Any ideas of what may be wrong?


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More info

by jdclyde In reply to Wireless and reboot

Is that the only time it reboots on you?

What happens when you connect with ethernet?

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Yes, more info....

by cp7212 In reply to Wireless and reboot

Do you get any kind of error message? Or any kind of TCP/IP message? Please include if you have a secure router (WEP/WPA), what kind of router/wireless card, have you been able to boot it as a standalone, can you ipconfig to see if you have an IP address, etc... ?

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Linksys router

by flash300 In reply to Yes, more info....

It's a Linksys router and a D-link wireless card in the computer. I checked the system log file, and it says a reboot was performed due to some "bugcheck". Any ideas?


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Re: Rebooting

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Linksys router

Try reseating your wireless card.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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Hardware issues

by CarlitosWay In reply to Wireless and reboot


Youre issue sounds more like a hardware problem. Check this link out...

It might not be an exact replica of your problem, but I have seen alot of dells having to have there motherboard or hard drives swapped out within a year due intermittent rebooting and power problems. Especially the foot print models.

Do you have a spare HD around to test it with?


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Could be bad RAM also

by cp7212 In reply to Wireless and reboot

Try taking out each stick and rebooting. When your PC boots, does it POST correctly? Or do you get any other beeps?

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by jbaker In reply to Wireless and reboot

Does it pop up a LSAS error message, then if you acknowldege thee message it reboots? If so, it may be the Mytob virus. Add antispyware, update to SP2, and check your antivirus definitions.

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