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Wireless and SP2

By cp7212 ·
Well, SP2 has been out for a while now and I tested it on two wireless clients in our network. Not surprisingly, they dropped off the network for random reasons....but the other ones that I did not install SP2 on, remain unaffected.

I manage the client side of about 65 wireless "kiosks" and it is my choice to install SP2, as my manager has allowed it through the server. Where service packs are concerned, I am basically a, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of guy.

I was wondering if anyone else had any pros or cons to comment on about SP2 in a wireless environment? Thanks for your feedback.

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SP2, Wireless

by CarlitosWay In reply to Wireless and SP2

Well, from what I have experienced during trial runs and client installations, SP2 can be a WIFI nightmare at times. Proof is also in the forums , regarding SP2's unreliable performance when it comes to anyhing wireless.

I have made a couple of observations from time to time regarding SP2 and Wifi. The majority of times that the SP2 has worked with wifi in my when the WIFI device is already integrated in the laptop\PC. Sounds weird but this has actually happened.

I have not upgraded to SP2 in my workplace just yet, even though I keep up with the rest of the security patches that MS has released. Until I can get the WIFI trial runs working correctly, I will not deploy SP2.

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by cp7212 In reply to SP2, Wireless

All of the devices on the network use a USB connected antenna. Some use a USB 1.0 antenna and some use a USB 2.0 antenna. I tried one each with SP2, to no avail. Thanks for your feedback.

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sounds familiar

by sylvialimo In reply to SP2, Wireless

sorry just posting a related problem.I have a server 2003 that can't get to the network on a wireless access point,all xp clients can but this one member server can totally participate on the LAN and Neither on the wireless internet.Are there known problems with server 2003?

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SP2 + WIFI and Laptops

by charles.bosse In reply to SP2, Wireless

We don't have desktop machines on our network configured with WIFI, but about 90% of our consultants laptops are configured with WinXP SP2 + WIFI. It's always a good idea to check the manufacturers website (Toshiba, Sony, IBM etc) before installing a WIFI card, because many of them do have patches for SP2 and wireless..

Another suggestion when installing a PC Card WIFI adapter in a laptop--- DO NOT install the card until prompted by the software wizard. Many of them mention this in their installation guides, but we tend to look at manuals as a last resort. The driver wizard for the card during the install will prompt you when it's time to insert the PC Card adapter. If you follow this route, you should have no issues installing a WIFI adapter. I guess the same would hold true for desktop machines.

But there are some laptops (Sony VAIO for one) I have configuring with a WIFI PC Card and no matter what I did, it would not install -- and this is after trying 2 or 3 various manufacturer cards. Support for laptop were no help and no new drivers for PC Card available. Just passing along some of my experiences.

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Laptops + WiFi + SP2

by JSilva2911 In reply to SP2 + WIFI and Laptops

Well, I have some issues with WiFi and laptops: in my LAN 90% of computers are laptops, and most of them with Win2K. When I upgraded some of them to WinXP, I had some troubles with the authentication, but finally it worked well (even with Sonys and IBMs). But, when I installed SP2, I had to dial with a lot of reboots by an unknown reason. So, I reinstalled the drivers, with no results. When I checked this issue in the Microsoft website, I saw a release for solving a problem with a wireless controller. I installed it (a big patch, by the way -43MB-), and the reboots disappeared, but sometimes I loss the connection when I'm transferring big files (about 40MB). So, the problem is partially solved, but there is still an issue with the file transfer... then, I decided to uninstall the SP2!

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SP2=Bad Juju for wireless

by jmgarvin In reply to Wireless and SP2

It depends on your wireless card, but it can be nigthmarish. Strange bugs will crop up, random crashes, stutters, slow downs, dropping of the link, etc, etc...

SP2 is a hassle and it seem MS has foisted yet another turkey on us.

Come on Linux, let's see the good stuff with wireless ;-)

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heard of the same problem

by daryl.rowe In reply to Wireless and SP2

I have heard of the same problem with XP SP2 and have been advised that I have to manage the networks myself as opposed to ticking the "Let windows manage my wireless networks" box in the advanced tab of the networking window.
Tried it and it seems a bit more reliable but more user intensive to set up.

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Thinkpad R40 sp2 Wireless BSOD

by JediMstr In reply to heard of the same problem

Having no luck at all with R40 laptops. Doesn't matter what piece of SW is trying to manage WiFi connections. Have tried IBM, Windows, and Intel - all fail. Freeze ups, stutters & BSOD! NDIS.sys always seems to be the culprit! Intel, Proxim, Linksys SW all render BSOD. Seems to be worse if SSID broadcast is disabled. Currently, no WiFi on these laptops. Considering backing out SP2 as 'test'

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sp2 and wireless

by azezil In reply to Thinkpad R40 sp2 Wireless ...

Initially after installing sp2 I didn't have any issue with my wireless connection at all, linksys pcmcia adapter, however after a crash I was having similar problem, connection dropping randomly or not connecting automatically as it should.

I deleted the wireless profile, created a new one, didn't have any real effect, however what did was simply removing the wireless adapter rebooting leaving it out, then reboot, putting it back in. That solved that automatic connection problem. As the the random dropping, I turned off Wep on the pc side, works fine now.

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SP2 Backing out

by JSilva2911 In reply to Thinkpad R40 sp2 Wireless ...

I did that, and it seems to be less BSODs... I also installed a patch for IBMs and Sonys with SP2, and altought BSOD dissapeared, I often loss connection when transferring big files

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