Wireless and Wired Connectivity issues

By salsiccia ·
I have 2 PCs (A & B), both Windows 7 and both with a Wired and a Wireless connection on each. Both wired connections go into a switch and both wireless connections connect to a wireless ADSL+AP in the next room to get internet. All IP addresses are static in the 192.168.1 space.

My problem is PC-B can see PC-A (via ping), but PC-A cannot see PC-B (via ping) (Request timed out) Firewall settings all look OK.

Both PCs are in the same Workgroup. Internet access over the wireless is working fine as well, its just the local (wired) connections that seem broken.

I have NAS devices and other network printers all in the same office (but no phone line and can't get one installed - too difficult and its a rental home) so my ultimate objective is to use the switch as the basis for the LAN in the office with the wireless just to get out the door for internet.

Am I trying to make this harder than it should be?

(I'm also considering Ethernet over power to bring the ADSL signal into the office and abandon wireless altogether, but not convinced that's a good solution.)

Apologies if I've not been clear - feel free to point out what I've left out.

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Go with the ethernet over power

by IC-IT In reply to Wireless and Wired Connec ...

It can work like a charm. I currently have one from my computer room router to the living room TV.

Using wired and wireless can confuse the heck out of the systems. Having said that you could try and put everything on the same network by trying to bridge the connections (wired and wireless).

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Thanks for the feedback

by salsiccia In reply to Go with the ethernet over ...

Thanks for supporting EoP - I am starting to think that that will help.

The perfectionist tech in me would still love to be able to figure the heck out with the way it is today - it *should* work, but you are right - wired and wireless on the same machine don't seem to play nicely together !

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