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Wireless and "wired" networking

By karma1 ·
I'm trying to setup my previously working home network using a new wireless router.

Router 1 - SMC (2804wbrp-g) It has 4 ethernet ports on the back and one uplink (DSL Modem)

Router 2 - DLink (DI-604) 5 ethernet ports and one uplink port

Computer 1 - Windows XP Home SP2
Computer 2 - Windows XP Pro SP2
Computer 3 - Windows XP Pro SP1
Laptop 1 - Windows XP Home SP2

Computer 1 and Laptop 1 are on the SMC router. They both have internet access, but Laptop 1 can't see Computer 1 or itself. Computer 1 is able to see laptop 1, but gets "not accessible, you may not have permissions for this network resource". The SMC Router provides the DHCP for the network. It uses 192.168.2.## vs the 192.168.0.## that I'm accustomed to.

Computer 2 and Computer 3 are connected to the
DLink router. (all functions on the DLink have been disabled, making it a plain old hub). This hub will be connected to the SMC shortly, b ut I don't forsee any problem there.

What I'd like to know is the best way to setup this mixed network so that File Sharing and Internet Connection Sharing will work for them all.


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by dustyD In reply to Wireless and "wired" netw ...

You may be able to use your Dlink as only a switch. Basically, your IP's should be in the same range per router. EX:SMC computers will have to use 192.168.2.#something.

Follow this for help with two routers..

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by karma1 In reply to

Thanks... that site was very helpful.

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by ReWrite In reply to Wireless and "wired" netw ...

Start with the simple:

-make sure all pc's are in the same workgroup.
-make sure that each pc is getting their ip from the dscp server (your router).
-to see other pc's make sure each pc has netbios enabled in the network configuration.
-to share files make sure that each pc has file and print sharing enabled, that each pc has a designated share established, and that each pc has a user account for each logon that is used on the other pc's (or just use the same logon/password on every pc).

If the pc's are getting their ip's from the dhcp server then the basic connectivity is already established. Verify this on each pc.



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by karma1 In reply to

All of that would be standard for a normal network, the problem came in at the two routers. They basically segmented my network into 2 parts. Each part being able to see computers attached to that router, but none on the other router.

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by scottsman In reply to Wireless and "wired" netw ...

The SMC has a 4 port switch on it plug in your wired PC's there and get rid of the Dlink (or keep as a backup) you can have over 200 machines connect to the SMC.

IF you want to use further

Have the PC's that are using wires connect to the dlink.
on the smc disable dhcp connect the wan port to the dlink and choose AP only (access point only) should be an option in the web interface.

This will pass the DHCP info from the dlink to your wireless machines and allow all normal sharing to work.

Note the same workgroup is good but there is no option for Netbeui in XP you can select netbios over TCP/IP in the advanced settings of your nic

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by karma1 In reply to

I rated this as acceptable... The web page that the first answer pointed me to, pointed out almost the same information.

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by karma1 In reply to Wireless and "wired" netw ...

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