Wireless AP unstable, high pings, INTERFERENCE? 25 AP's nearby!

By geocoo ·
I have a Wireless Router in a private Exhibition room and when I use inSSIDer scan there is like 25 other AP's detectable (from exibition/other nearby rooms), most on channels 1,6 & 11 but other ones dotted around like 2,4,8,12,13 etc and some showing as two channels (like 3+.

Our Wireless Linksys Router is exhibiting very poor performance like lagging and timing out browsing etc, very jumpy/jittery. When I ping our Wireless Router from a wireless laptop, the ping is up and down like crazy and sometimes doesn't reply. (pings like from 60ms up to 2500ms!! strong signal though).

I have tried on all the channels and channel 3 seems best but the ping still fluctuates (about 50ms -> 650ms and still sometimes drops) and the connection is crap, especially when you use more than one Wireless laptop at the same time it's virtually unusable/stops responding.

Does this sound like a Wireless Channel/Interference problem to you? Or maybe it could be the router is f*cked (it's rented)?

Any advice/ways to get around this problem?

I read maybe 'Set the RTS/CTS and Fragmentation values from default (big) to just 500 bytes'

Router is on G-only mode, all other settings default, no security at the moment, broadcast SSID on.

I'm gonna buy a new router on way to exhibition tomorrow morning but I wondered if the problem occurs on new one aswell, what can i do (we mainly have only G clients not N)? We really do need working wireless in there. THANKS!

PS. There must be a way as lots of ppl have AP's there and they can't all be having this bad connection, as I said it's pretty much unusable on >1 client.

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If your client is close to the AP

by robo_dev In reply to Wireless AP unstable, hig ...

and it's not set to seek other APs, then normally it should not be killed by interference.

In general the better the quality of the client connection software, the better the connection. So that if your client is running a Cisco wlan card with that software, no problem, but all bets are off if you're using a Belkin or some off-brand adapter and their inferior software.

Similarly, some versions of Windows, such as vista, do not play well with WLANs.

Of course if security is turned off, then part of the issue is that you may have too many users connected to your AP. :)

Also, be sure your client is locked onto one standard only, for example set it to "802.11g only" not auto, as I've seen devices bounce back and forth between 802.11b/g/n etc.

Also, I've seen where a client has the client configured to use 802.1x authentication when it's not needed, then the client drops the connection waiting for an authentication that was never needed in the first place.

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