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Wireless Autodetect not working

By maidens ·
Windows XP SP 3, Wireless autodetect not listing detected networks. Can connect to wireless if settings added manually. If a repair performed then setting have to be added again to connect. Wireless cannot display network even if it is connected, yet the message "wireless networks have been detected" is still displayed. Using windows zero config. Already tried updating driver, SFC /scannow, all Windows updates (laptop started at SP2). Any Ideas?

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Ensure that 'Do Not Display' isn't enabled ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wireless Autodetect not w ...

Within the 'Available Wireless Connections' window, it is possible to elect to NOT show individual connections.

A repair install wouldn't change that setting since it's not a fault.

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Available Wireless Connections

by maidens In reply to Ensure that 'Do Not Displ ...

Is the window that is blank. As far as windows is concerned there are no wireless networks. Not even the one it is currently connected to!

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Duh - that is what I just said ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Available Wireless Connec ...

However, this window that is blank has an options category column on the left hand side, doesn't it?

I suggest you start at the very top and access each option in turn to ascertain how they are all set. One (of more) or them will be denying the list display status.

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Check out the following ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Available Wireless Connec ...

Right click on the wireless connection icon in the systray, selecting Network Connections.

Right click on Wireless Network Connection and select Properties.

Click on the Wireless Networks [TAB] and check the contents of the 'Preferred Networks' area. Entries in this dialog box can be deleted at will, preventing them from being listed in the Wireless Networks listing.

If you gain nothing from this exercise, I suggest you re-invoke the Wireless Wizard, allowing it to work its magic once again.

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Already Checked Out

by maidens In reply to Check out the following . ...

It is in this area that you have the option to "Add" a network. I can add my wireless and it then becomes the default connection and will automatically reconnect on reboots. But will not be listed anywhere, in fact the main "Choose a Wireless Network" screen still displays the message " No Wireless Networks were Found in Range" "Make sure the Wireless Switch on Your Computer is on" "To see an updated list click "Refresh Network List"" Obviously I have tried the refresh option. Wireless wizard is not an option as the network is open and the wizard requires a Wep key. If I run the repair it just removes the manual setting then fails to find any networks. The problem is with windows "split personality" the underlying wireless networking is working, but the GUI can't see it.

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I've checked and rechecked my laptop ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Already Checked Out

But I cannot find any listed service entry for anything that is co-dependent with another wireless configuration entry, that might cause the available networks to fail to be displayed.

I assume this laptop has been thoroughly scanned for viruses and malware?

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RE: "Wireless wizard is not an option.." ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Already Checked Out

"Wireless wizard is not an option as the network is open and the wizard requires a Wep key"

What do you mean by that statement? The wireless wizard will automatically allocate a WEP key, but that key has got nothing to do with the network, it is only for securing the wireless signal from 'prying eyes'.

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