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Wireless Bidirectional Print Server?

By cristelnet ·
I am trying to set up a home wireless network that uses a Canon MP730 all-in-one printer-scanner-fax-copier. The only true wireless requirement is between the desktop PC and the wireless router. Is there any print server (either wireless or hard-wired) to the router (would need print server function in the wireless router) that will still utilize the bidirectional function of the MP730?

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Check on Canon's website, also check routers

by TG2 In reply to Wireless Bidirectional Pr ...

The problem of the bidirectinoal communication really isn't one of just the device, but of the software that controls the device.

Recommend you check Canon's website and the manufacturer of specifically noted wireless print servers.

If they are really good, the router/printserver company will tell you models of printer (or whatever) they've tested it with.

Canon, and most printer companies don't seem to see the value in making their software multi-user enabled, instead they put that into the higher end models that would be "work group" types.

Speaking from experience, sometimes even that isn't enough.. we had an employee that worked for the president of the company.. said "oh I had one of these before and it allowed me to print and make copies..." etc...

she in turn got enough of his ear to allow her to purchase the printer / copier device she wanted.. and then the IT department was told "make it work" with the rest of the network. The IT Department purchased a 150 dollar network device, only to find that it couldn't be configured because it was from the days of Novel, and the office is MS Only, and the other protocol can not be installed just for this.. so now the device sits and gets used as a coper/fax/personal printer only, no workgroup component.

Oh.. and that assistant is gone, thankfully!!

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Print Servers Not Bi-Directional

by smallbiz-techwiz In reply to Wireless Bidirectional Pr ...

I don't think so. There may be someone who knows of some new breakthrough in this field, but my experience has been that print servers are for output only, ie: they recieve print jobs and send back confirmation packets, but you can't scan a document and send it across the network to a PC. How would you give the MP730 access to your PC without some authentication? That would seem to be a huge security problem if it were possible. Bi-directional protocol exists for serial, parallel, and USB. No authentication needed because they are directly connected. I don't think a peripheral device is a peripheral device any longer if it's on a network. Again, someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this...

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bidirectional print server exists

by matthewHsu In reply to Wireless Bidirectional Pr ...

I ran into this problem recently and did some research. There *are* bidirectional wireless print servers such as the HP JetDirect 380x which accomodates both printing and scanning with HP MFUs. It costs about four times as much as other 802.11b print servers, though, and I don't know if it will be compatible with a Canon machine.

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I just discovered how..

by smallbiz-techwiz In reply to bidirectional print serve ...

I just purchased a multi-function fax/scanner/copier with built-n print server for network capability and I think I've figured out how it does bi-directional. It comes with software that you have to install on each client PC on the network. When you scan a document - the device doesn't "send" the scanned image to a PC, rather - the PC running the proprietary software initiates the transfer, or comes and gets it. You just scan the document into the device, then go to the PC and retrieve it. Makes sense. (I love to play with these things).

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