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    Wireless/Bluetooth PC Login?


    by jim.cantrell ·

    I have a medical client who wants their users to be able to simply walk up to a workstation and have that workstation log them on. Sounded like Bluetooth to me. Can anyone suggest some technologies/vendors that might be able to accomplish this? This would be a Windows environment.


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      Reply To: Wireless/Bluetooth PC Login?

      by wyrmlord ·

      In reply to Wireless/Bluetooth PC Login?

      sounds fairly hi-tek to me… I’d rather suggest SmartCards as this standard is better established and it’s no really different from unlocking your door (or, closer yet, beeping your car). But yes, the BT solution is really interesting 🙂

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      new(ish) technology

      by assamite ·

      In reply to Wireless/Bluetooth PC Login?

      A company a while back was offering finger print and retinal scan ID to log into a system, not sure if this would be suitable however worth a look I guess. Some laptops come with thumb scanners built in so I would expect the technology was useable.

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