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Wireless Bridging multiple times

By wilddragonfury ·
I have a question in regarding with setting up a wireless bridging more than once.
I have internet cable service that is on a WRT54G wireless and I have another one that is WRT54GS with ddwrt set as client bridged. Everything works great to this point.
I am currently using a mn700 wireless router connected to the WRT54GS to expand the network even further to boost my signal. Here is my problem.

I am able to view and surf the internet however I can not download or update my programs over the MN700 router, however if I do a hard wire cable to the WRT54GS I can without problems.

Program that will not work or download from are:
Zone Alarm website
AVG 8.0 updates
MS Win XP updates
MS Win XP SP3 file or anything from MS website.

Why is half the stuff will work and the rest will not work? What am I doing wrong in this setup?


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Confusion between 'Bridging' & 'Repeating' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wireless Bridging multipl ...

It seems to me that having achieved your Bridging mode already, what you ought to be doing now "to expand the network even further to boost my signal" is instigating the use of a Repeater - not another Bridge.

However, whichever route you choose to take, I assume you've checked that the SSIDs and CHANNELS are identical ?

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Yo, Old M...

by MGP2 In reply to Confusion between 'Bridgi ...

I like the new pic. Doesn't make you look so, um, cantankerous.

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