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Wireless Broadband Install Problem

By Cravan de Novice ·
I purchased the Verizon 5740 Wireless Card for Broadband access. I ran the install program and it appeared to be running fine until the prompt came up for the reboot to make changes effective message. Since then, my laptop, HP ZV5200 with XP, will boot to the account screen, allow me to choose any one of the family accounts, displays the wall paper associated with any of the accounts, but then hangs and never reveals any icons on the screen. We ran a utility from a boot disk and was able to see that only 11 of the basic 23 services were loading and it was hanging on explorer. After several calls with verizon, they stated that its a known issue with an incompatible driver trying to load during the finsish of the install program and they don't have a solution, then told me that they are not allowed to reccomend the complete reimage and start over of the harddrive but aware of that being the only solution for several customers. -I have tried going in through safe mode and falling back to earlier save points, including the one I set prior to running the install app, but I get an error message from each of these. I asked if they could just tell me what offending lines were hanging out in the registery so I could try to manually remove them and the reply was that they were not allowed to for, "liability" reason.
Any suggestions short of the allready mentioned reimage of the harddrive? I have a lot of itunes there, I know my fault for not backing them up.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Wireless Broadband Instal ...

I'd recommend an In-Place XP re-install following the directions here:

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by Cravan de Novice In reply to

Wow, great information. Thank you!
As an aside, the same install program and card work flawlessly in my Acer laptop.

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by kucabrbr In reply to Wireless Broadband Instal ...

When you boot in safe mode, did you try going to device manager and check the properties for the card you installed. There is a tab called 'drivers' an in this section there is a button called 'driver details'.

This shows the names of the drivers and the location they are installed. Once you have this information, try removing the drivers manually and see if this helps.

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by Cravan de Novice In reply to

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by nguyenpv1980 In reply to Wireless Broadband Instal ...

Boot into safe mode, go to device manager, look for that card or anything new or have exlaimation point next to it. Right click, select uninstall. Then shutdown, remove the card and return it.

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by Cravan de Novice In reply to
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by Cravan de Novice In reply to Wireless Broadband Instal ...

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