Wireless broadband question

By jardinier ·
I have wireless broadband on four computers -- two quite new ones and two relatively old ones. Download speeds on the new computers is more than twice that on the older computers.

Could the reason be the difference between USB 2 and USB 1.1 ?

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Yes Julies it's the reason

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless broadband questi ...

The limiting factor here is the USB Ports which are the slowest parts of the WiFi Broadband connection. The Actual WiFi Adapter is capable of faster Transfer speeds between the WiFi Network and the actual device than the speed between the Device and the computer through the USB Port.

USB 2 being roughly twice as fast as USB 1 accounts here for the difference in Transfer Rates between the computer and the WiFi Device.


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You could...

by technogeek-1995 In reply to Yes Julies it's the reaso ...

You could buy a PCIe or PCI slot adapter. And then add it. That should get you at broadband speeds. Below is an adapter for G bandwith at Bestbuy. I would recommend Linksys because they are backed by Cisco Systems.

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Thanks but

by jardinier In reply to You could...

I am not talking about wireless connection between computers in my home, but to pick up the signal from a wireless broadband provider, in this case Optus and the software comes inside the modem.

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Twice the speed

by jardinier In reply to Yes Julies it's the reaso ...

Hi Col, yes that is the precise difference in download speeds that I am experiencing. Patrick can supply me with USB 2 cards for $30.

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They will improve the speeds on the slower systems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Twice the speed

But even then you may not achieve the same Transfer Speeds on the older hardware owing to restrictions in the PCI Bus.

Though it will improve the transfer speed on the USB 1 Equipped computers but they may not be as fast as the USB 2 Systems.

This is related to the way that the M'Boards are designed and assembled Jules.


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The question is

by jardinier In reply to They will improve the spe ...

If I don't get twice the speed there is probably no point in going to the trouble of pulling all the plugs out of my computers (the backs are not readily accessible) to replace the USB cards.

While I have your attention, I will tell you that the Celeron 633 which was upgraded to 1 GB Pentium III which you supplied, and memory upgraded from 128 to 320, does not run any faster at all. Perhaps this is something to do with the motherboard. Do you have any suggestions as to why there is no improvement in operating speed despite the upgrade?

Patrick -- that is to say one of his staff -- spent a lot of time on it but failed to achieve any improvement.

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PCI expanded USB cards are directly affected by your backside Bus Speed

by LarryD4 In reply to Twice the speed

USB 2.0 PCI/PCIe cards will communicate faster between the USB 2.0 Bus Controller and the USB device. With PCI/PCIe cards you'll hit the issue of bus speed between the PCI controller and the PCI device.
Then add on the fact that its an older PC which uses much slower bus speeds on the back end. So then you'll hit a slow down on the board bus itself, communicating between the PCI controller and the south bridge, or was that the north bridge. So your 2.0 upgrade just became useless.

Well the only plus is you won't get the annoying pop up, telling you that it would perform better with a USB 2.0 port.

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Thank you

by jardinier In reply to PCI expanded USB cards ar ...

You have just saved me the dreaded nightmare of climbing behind furnitue to access the two computers in question.

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