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    Wireless broadband setup probs Applemac


    by samwellsuk ·


    I received my siemens SE587 wireless router yesterday (for a Tiscali broadband connection), after much difficulty managed to setup ethernet connection via I entered all the required fields and now can access internet via a wired connection.

    My system is a G4 Powermac, OSX 10.4.11, wireless mouse working via bluetooth dongle.WLAN light is solid green when ethernet cable disconnected.

    I cannot however get my Mac to recognise/find the Router via browsing /setting up new bluetooth devices.

    In system prefs/network settings/bluetooth/PPP I presume I enter tiscali email address & password as account name & password.

    What do I enter as telephone no? (I have tried my actual Tiscali no.)

    In system prefs/network settings/bluetooth/TCP/IP I have Configure IPV4 manually, IP address as

    DNS Servers/Search domains are blank.

    What do i enter for the IPV6 configs?

    IPV6 Address: ? Router: ? Prefix length: ?

    In system prefs/network settings/bluetooth/proxies I have left as config manually.

    In system prefs/network settings/bluetooth/bluetooth modem – The modems listed are not siemens and the internal modem has automatically selected itself.

    I have searched the forums for hours without finding a solution. I have also spent 30 mins on the phone to technical support who could offer no Applemac help.

    I have registered to post on the forums and confirmed via email link but still cannot post new threads.

    Please help as I have run out of ideas and cannot afford to spend much more time trying to get the Siemens gigaset SE587 to work. All I seem to find on the forums is people saying it is terrible and rarely works with a mac wirelessly. I would love to be the exception!

    Any help or directions to threads I may have missed gretly appreciated. Thanks a worn out Geek.

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      Try this…

      by ninkovicz ·

      In reply to Wireless broadband setup probs Applemac

      Open Explorer
      In the address bar type in
      Type in admin to both username and password
      Go to basic setup
      Change ‘Tiscali – dataIPoEoA’ to ‘Tiscali –
      Authentication change to Auto
      Type in username
      Type in password xxxxx
      PPPoA connection mode – change to ‘Always On’
      NAT ‘ON’
      Click Save Settings

      On your g4 check the following :
      Kext Used
      The kext used for this tutorial is the
      IO80211Family.kext. This kext needs to be put
      into /System/Library/Extensions/ if it is not
      already there.

      Entering your device ID
      Make a backup of IO80211Family.kext
      Edit the .plist file
      cd /System/Library/Extensions

      sudo nano
      Once editing the plist navigate to the area
      where you see
      Add a line with dev id (in place of XXXX)

      Setting Permissions
      Type these commands into terminal
      sudo chown -R root:wheel

      kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions

      Final touches (Optional)
      edit the interface config in order to use the
      airport utility instead of istumbler.
      sudo nano
      swap the en0 with en1 for that device.
      Run disk util and repair perms
      Please note that you may need to change the
      number to en2 if you have 2 onbaord pci lan
      Sometimes your network card is already
      configured as an airport device and you do
      not need to swap the en #

      I hope it will help…

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