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    Wireless. But No Internet.


    by kbluedragon00 ·

    We just bought a Linsys Wireless Router. We can connect to the network BUT we don’t know how to get the network to connect to the internet. Our main computer has internet through DSL Cable Router. How do I get the wireless internet working?

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      by kbluedragon00 ·

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      Get a Pro

      by l-mo ·

      In reply to Wireless. But No Internet.

      The Linksys should be connected to your DSL modem; in a SOHO (small ofice/home office)setting.

      I strongly recommend having a qualified tech complete this install. If this is for a business there are plenty of issues you have to consider.

      Will it be secured? Encrypted? Will you broadcast a signal? etc….

      Good luck

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      Rather easy, once you know how

      by mamies ·

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      This setup is quite an easy setup to do.

      The Wireless router should be in the middle of everything and all of the nodes (computers and devices) should be connected of it. Although when this is done you should set up keys to stop random people such as neighbours connecting to the internet
      Although in your case the wireless access point and the router are the same thing.

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        Mmm – it has been my experience that you only need 1 hardwired ..

        by older mycroft ·

        In reply to Rather easy, once you know how

        Computer-Router connection.

        Through that connection you set up the Security Protocols, Wireless Network Name, and Wireless Password.

        Then from each wireless device you enable the wireless capability, and put in the network name and password.

        Just make sure the LAN on each wireless device is DISABLED when you enable the wireless connection.

        Job Done. 🙂

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          I was talking about wireless connections but yes correct

          by mamies ·

          In reply to Mmm – it has been my experience that you only need 1 hardwired ..

          Sorry Old Mycroft i meant that the connections should be wireless to the router and yes you are correct when you say you need a wired connection (well to start of with)

          My router would not let me connect wirelessly to it until i allowed that computer onto the router settings, therefore had to have a wired computer to do this

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      by jellimonsta ·

      In reply to Wireless. But No Internet.

      I agree with the other posters that you should secure your wireless signal.
      Your wireless router should also have wired ports. You will note that one of the ports will be separate and say either WAN or Internet. You should unplug your PC from the DSL router and plug this port in its place.
      You can then plug your PC into one of the other 4 LAN ports on the wireless router.
      You will most likely need to reboot your DSL router so that it will assign an IP for Internet access to your wireless router interface.
      You should then be able to reach the Internet from both the wired PC and the wireless clients.

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