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    Wireless Card?


    by minddoctor_me ·

    I am currently wanting to go wireless with my internet. I have a toshiba satellite laptop & I *think* it has a wireless card in it. Yet how do I tell? I know I have bluetooth but I’m not sure what the difference is between bluetooth & wireless???

    Thanks for you help!

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      by saihib ·

      In reply to Wireless Card?

      Go to Toshiba’s website and look up your model number, it will tell you the features. Bluetooth and wireless (802.11x) are not the same thing. I don’t know of any Toshiba laptops that support bluetooth. Try looking in Device Manager under Network Adapters for a clue.

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      by gregross ·

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      Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is seperate from the Wi-Fi 802.11 technology that exists. Unless you have wireless built into the LCD it is unlikely that the laptop has wireless connection capability.

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      by mbr ·

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      you need a wireless PCMCIA card and an acces poitn, Linksys makes some good ones. install is really easy just follow the instructions that come with the product. As for bluetooth I would just Ignore it, it’s not that great.

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      by michael j ·

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      MBR has it on the head….

      PCMCIA (aka PCcard) 802.11x setups are a snap to install on MOST OS’s.

      The cool part is, you can also see about a combo-card: The PCMCIA that comes with a PCI card for your desktop comp too!

      Good Luck!

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